by Heather Baltzley / Apr 10, 2021

The results are in for the 20/21 Fan Favorite Graphic! (Drumroll, please…)


Honorable mention: “Tie-Dye Stealie” (Custom Graphic)

We've designed a fair amount of Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" skis, but the chance to play with the colors and tie dye texture make these one of our favorites. "Tie Dye Stealie" was only two votes away from the podium! 


Third place: “Flex Mountains” (Stock Graphic)

Flex Mountains

"Flex Mountains" was created as a stock graphic in 2020 for our Wagner Stock Collection. The industry had been trending toward dark skis with some bright flare – and abstract mountains have always been popular – so “Graphics Girl” Tatiana Armstrong figured she’d play along those lines. She works with topographic maps all the time while planning her adventures, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 


Second place: “South African Aspens” (photo by Melissa Plantz) (Custom Graphic)

South African Aspens

The original creative brief for this graphic was to have the large aspen photo from Melissa Plantz as the main draw, with the owner’s favorite personal painting – acquired in South Africa – showing "through the knots." Melissa dug around to get us a large enough image and once we had it, it turned out that photo looked great overlaid in large sections on the painting. “Graphics Guru” Heather Baltzley said, “This version was a happy accident, and I rather like the effect!” 


First place: “Missing Horse” (painting by Mark Maggiori) (Custom Graphic)

Missing Horse

“Graphics Girl” Tatiana was pleased to see everyone loved this piece of art as much as she did. Putting art on skis can often be a challenge, as it can be hard to get images of high enough quality. But from the moment she opened her email and saw the immense detail that the artist Mark Maggiori added to his work, she knew it would print beautifully. See more of Mark’s work on his website.


Thank you, everyone for participating in the first Fan Favorite Contest! We can’t wait to see what you all have in mind for your own graphics next year. To help stir up the creative juices for when you place your order, check out all of our graphic options here. And if you want a recap of our favorites of 2021, you can see the original list here. Happy dreaming!