by Wagner Skis / Jun 19, 2022

Brett Schreckengost’s interest in photography may have been piqued while making fake IDs for his friends in his teens, but thankfully it didn’t stop there. Today, the Ophir, Colorado-based photographer and videographer travels the world capturing stills and cinematography for top brands and outlets in the outdoor industry and beyond. His clients range from film production agencies like Matchstick Productions, which he helped with their latest film, Fade to Winter, in his backyard in Ophir, to corporate clients like Toyota and Marlboro. Here are some of his favorite images from the past decade behind the lens.

Photos and words by Brett Schreckengost. (Follow him on Instagram at @brett_schreck and be sure to check out more of his images online here.)


I love shooting skiing in backlit, filtered light, especial when stuff like this happens. Dylan Sloan doing dawn patrol on Bushwhacker.


This is a shot of Zach Templin skiing Bald Mountain at 7:30 PM in May. We waited for the sun to pop out, but it never showed up.


This image was shot on Fuji Velvia (slide film) and converted to black and white for a gallery exhibition. We knew they were bombing the road that morning and had been stuck in town for three days because the road was closed/avalanched. There was a lot of guessing on where to shoot from that morning, and this spot panned out. I walked up the road and away from my group of friends in order to put them in the shot for a sense of scale.

WAGNER_essay_002 copy

MSP Films came down to Telluride with young gun Bobby Brown and Alex Schlopy and the task of finding some backcountry features for him to hit. The Trestle at Alta Lakes was the first place I took them. They crushed it, and went bigger that I have ever seen anyone go. Shooting this backlit and getting luck to catch some reflected sunlight on Bobby’s skis gives the shot a little extra bling.

A shot from theSJ coulior as Dylan Sloan opens it up on the apron.

A shot from the San Joaquin Couloir as Dylan Sloan opens it up on the apron.

WAGNER_essay_003 copy

Another shot of Bobby Brown form the MSP Films shoot. The blurry objects in the foreground are some icicles hanging from a spruce tree.

WAGNER_essay_004 copy

Another shot on Fuji Velva. This one made it into Powder Magazine. The shot was not staged, just a quick-draw capture of my friend Brenden Clarke dropping into Bear Creek on a very good day.


I was making chili one day and looked out my window to see one of the local groms, Cedar Palmer, building a kicker next to the old mining structure up the street. I had to go check it out and snap a few pics.


I had just got my ACL repaired and was recovering this spring when my neighbor Lis Ball approached me to shoot this pic. A re-enactment of the classic Ray Atkenson shot from Mt. Lassen in the 50’s. I hobbled around on my weak knee and shot this after these four women ripped three quick corn laps above the pass road.


I actually talked the pilot into letting me rig a camera on the heli. The GoPro was in .5 sec time-lapse mode and the pilot did the rest.


My good friend and neighbor Himay Palmer. A portrait assignment for Powder Magazine.


I love shooting from the air and have logged a lot of hours in the Cessna 180 Skywagon with my badass pilot friend Jeff Campbell. This is lavender col and Mt. Sneffles at sunset.


This is a portrait of my backyard taken on a day when no ski tracks can be found. The shot is taken from the top of the San Joaquin ridge on the way to hitting first tracks in the couloir–on a deep day and in the best conditions I have ever skied it.