by Wagner Skis / Oct 02, 2021

Fully Commit. Dive Head First.

Joey Schusler has been at it from a young age. Trading chores around the house for hourly filming slots by his dad, it’s no surprise that he dreamed up his first film company, Complete Insanity Films, when he was eight.

Growing up in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, Joey started biking and skiing at a young age. His backyard inspired adventure and creativity while providing him with a foundation and skill set for the future. His first online flick–featuring backyard sledding with buddies–garnered over eight million views on YouTube (before it was taken down for copyright music issues). Joey personifies a humble, down to earth and passionate (re)creator, but it’s clear in chatting with him that he is so much more than that. Not to mention has a great deal to offer.

 At 13 years old, Joey started racing mountain bikes. His talent led him to various top 10 finishes across the globe. Several years later, a knee injury and drive for something new brought him back to storytelling, filming and adventure seeking. A bikepacking trip to Peru in 2014 set the stage for what the outdoor industry could expect from Joey, invigorating exploits captured perfectly on film. Fast forward to the present day where Joey is still doing what he loves: riding mountain bikes, adventuring with friends, filming and sharing passion projects with the world.

Joey’s advice for someone interested in getting involved with the film and photography industry? Focus on a non-sponsored test project to perfect your craft. Showing up to a film festival with a finished piece of work will go a long way. Sure, it’s a leap of faith on the front end but it shows tremendous commitment to potential collaborators. Oh, and don’t forget your camera.


Check out more of Joey’s work via his website here and follow his escapades on Instagram here