How to Gift a Skier

by Wagner Skis / Dec 01, 2022

Let’s face it, skiers are the best people in the world.

We’re active, outdoorsy, adventurous, dedicated, fun, tough, kind, and incredibly attractive, if we do say so ourselves. We fight through traffic and snowstorms, teach our kids through countless tantrums, and brave freezing temperatures and whipping wind. This, among other reasons too numerous to list here, is why we deserve a sleigh full of gifts this holiday season.

To help you kit out all the skiers on your list, we’ve curated a roundup of awesome gifts that we want for ourselves (hint, hint). And if you have any snowshoers on your list? Well, we recommend the standard lump of coal. Because they need something to heat up their lives.

A skier pauses at the top of a mountain with his Wagner Custom Skis.
Of course, Wagner Custom Skis are ALWAYS a great gift. Photo: Kane Schiedegger


Ok, you knew this was coming. Wagner Custom Skis are the best gift ever for the skier you love the most—and that’s OK if it’s yourself. Every ski we make is handmade and unique, customized to make our sport even more fun. And the custom graphics, like a trail map from a favorite resort or an album cover from a favorite band (with permission from the band, of course)? Well, that’s a love language that trumps them all. To get started, head to the Wagner gift shop, where Santa’s elves really wish they worked.


We’re not really sure why most good goggles cost more than a ski pass, which is why we’ve been obsessed with Glade. Founded by a ski bum in Colorado’s Summit County, the brand is committed to making quality goggles with plenty of cool factor that fit a dirtbag’s budget. Their lenses are nice, they fit most helmets perfectly, and they’re affordable enough to not make you cry when the clueless dude standing in the gondy line accidentally knocks his skis into them.

Glade Goggles as modeled by the gorgeous Finney.
Maybe we're biased on Glade Goggles, as we wear them ourselves.

Women’s Pants

Ladies, welcome to your perfect pants. Flylow’s Foxy Bib is the perfect blend of function and fashion. (Read: They keep you warm and dry and make your butt look cute.) They have a kangaroo pocket for snacks, a perfectly placed thigh pocket for your phone, and long leg vents that open wide enough for you to go to the loo with your jacket on. They’re durable, great for both resort and backcountry missions, and they’re made by a brand that understands the soul of skiing.

A group of skiers standing at the top of a peak wearing Flylow gear.
Flylow make our favorite men's – and women's – ski pants.

Men’s Pants

We can’t get enough Flylow, so their classic Chemical Pant gets our vote for best men’s pants, too. They’re super durable, with a three-layer construction and reinforced cuffs that defy tree branches and ski edges. They’re also extremely waterproof and breathable, with huge thigh vents for warm days or sweaty skinning. Best of all, they look great—baggy and hip—making these the perfect dude-gift.


Why is it that we often wear three layers under our jackets, but usually only wear one measly pair of long undies on our bottoms? Enter Stio’s Fernos Insulated Knicker (men's here), a slim-fitting ¾ length midlayer of synthetic insulation that keeps you toasty all day long without adding a lot of extra bulk. (They stop above your calf, too, so they pass our rule of having only socks in ski boots.) The Fernos is truly a game-changer for long lift rides on frigid days—or for parents spending their days coaxing their offspring down blue squares.

Stio Fernos Knickers in orange and blue
Keep only your socks in your ski boots with the Fernos Knickers from Stio.


Darn Tough is aptly named—these merino wool socks are the most durable we’ve ever tried, and they’re made by hardy Vermonters who know how to stay warm in bitter temps. We like the lightweight ones best, and they come in some fun patterns.


The mad geniuses at Rab have invented some flashy new tech this season—it involves vaporized titanium—that makes their new Mythic Ultra Down Jacket (women's here) one of the lightest and warmest on the market. They’ve put a nearly weightless layer of heat-reflective material on the interior of the coat to reflect 15-30% of your own body heat back at you, and surrounded it with 900 fill European goose down. The idea isn’t new (emergency blankets have been doing this since the 1960s), but the breathability they’ve designed with it certainly is.

The Rab Mystic Ultra Jacket
Is there such thing as puffy envy? The Mystic Ultra Jacket from Rab.

Hut Trip

The idea may conjure visions of roughing it in the wild. But if you book a trip to Red Mountain Alpine Lodge, you’ll be kicking back in a gorgeous cabin with fondue and wine after skiing some of the best backcountry terrain in the world. Located on Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton, Red Mountain accesses the best the San Juans have to offer, with seasoned and knowledgeable guides to get you into the goods. There are three private rooms and a large loft that sleeps 20, all with high thread-count sheets and down comforters. It will be the gift of a lifetime—both for your loved one and you. (We kit out their guides with custom skis, so don’t forget to tell them Wagner sent you.)

Skiers sitting on a deck, around a fire, drinking beer after a day of skiing at Red Mountain Lodge.
Sitting on the deck at Red Mountain Lodge after a good day of skiing. 

Happy gifting, and happy holidays to you and yours. May all your Christmases, Hanukahs, Kwanzas, and all other holidays you celebrate be full of fresh tracks with people you love.


Article by Kimberly Beekman

Kimberly Beekman is the former editor-in-chief of the late, great Skiing Magazine (RIP), and a longtime editor of SKI Magazine before that. She currently uses the title of “freelancer” as a beard to ski powder all over the world. She lives in Steamboat, Colorado, with her wonderful daughter and terrible cat.


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