Meet Me on the Mountain

by Wagner Skis / Aug 14, 2018


The ultimate art and design experience, Art + Architecture Weekend, plays out each summer in our hometown of Telluride, Colorado. This summer, the Wagner Custom factory was a stop on the tour, as a group of talented artists showed their work throughout our space. One especially fun collaboration was with artist Danielle DeRoberts.

We wanted to incorporate our skis into the mix of art installations at the factory. A few weeks ahead of time, we handed DeRoberts four pairs of wood veneer skis and asked her to get creative. What she created was more beautiful than we ever could have predicted.

DeRoberts and our own Pete Wagner have, in the past, talked about concepts for silk-screening designs on skis. For A + A, she began with silk screened patterns on textiles, blending with the ski’s wood veneer pattern, and finished embellishing the skis by hand painting them. Once the silk screens had taken form, the concept flowed effortlessly. DeRoberts used her vision of lines which translated into a large composite image across all four pairs of skis. As the installation took shape, it reminded DeRoberts of the Fruition song Meet Me On the Mountain, and thus acquired its name.

There’s a deeper meaning for DeRoberts. Her art is meditative and she applied this practice to the art she put on the skis. She wanted to juxtapose stillness with the flow and energy of skiing. The combination of art and skiing, two creative forms of self-expression, is perfectly intertwined on these skis. You can see more of DeRoberts’ work online at or via her Instagram profile here.

Do you love Meet Me On the Mountain? These skis can be purchased as a single art piece or to be used for skiing. If you are interested in making them your own, please reach out to or give us a call at 970.728.0107.

Danielle DeRoberts sits in her art installation at the Wagner Factory during A + A weekend.