by Wagner Skis / May 05, 2021

Albert Kim: Ski Production Master, Tuner, Photographer, and Model

If you have a pair of Wagners, chances are Albert had a hand in making them. He is a meticulous, driven, kind, and innovative employee that we treasure as part of the Wagner Family.

Not only is Albert one of our Ski Production Masters (see the ski press here) and an expert in tuning, he is also a photographer and an aspiring helicopter pilot. You may recognize some of Albert's photography on our site and in our marketing--and sometimes we get him to model for us as well.

photo by Albert Kim

Albert's Terrain

"My name is Albert Kim, and I’ve lived in Telluride for the past 9 years! I moved here originally a snowboarder but was reformed by the terrain in Telluride. I started skiing about 4 years ago and I love to ski fresh and deep powder. I like terrain with a lot of different features so you’ll usually find me hanging around lift 14 or 12 on the ski area. I also love to lay down some trenches and go fast during spring conditions."

 What He Does At Wagner

"At the Wagner factory I work in production, although I wear a lot of different hats. I do everything from pressing the skis, to cutting them out and tuning them to perfection. I love the process of building my own skis every year, but it’s always rewarding to hear how much people love their skis after a fresh tune. I truly think we put out the best tune out there!" 


His Skis

"My skis I want to showcase are my woodies. They are 178cm long, 98mm wide in the waist, with a 17m turn radius. They have a bit more tip rocker than tail with a low camber profile. The core is sugar maple and aspen, carbon wrapped for stability, with the aramid add on, for extreme durability.

I made these skis with the intention of making them the pair I would ski 90% of the time on the ski area. I love the deep days, but we don’t get a lot of them here in Telluride, so I wanted a ski that could handle a couple inches of fresh snow, while still being able to carve and turn quickly. The sugar maple/aspen core makes the ski a little heavier, which improves tracking and dampness at high speeds.

The ski's topsheet is a figured cherry wood veneer with a little personal touch. In some of my first days working for Wagner, I helped my friend Dave install a laser onto the CNC machine so we could burn graphics into wood. Using that laser, we etched a few snowflakes onto the wood veneer for a truly unique pair of skis!"

View Albert's incredible photography at @bertseye.view on Instagram.