by Wagner Skis / Apr 06, 2021

As the Graphics Team here at Wagner, we like to take a look back at the amazing skis we've produced over the year and show off our favorites. This season's selection includes work we've designed for our stock collection, work we've designed as custom graphics, and work customers have designed for their own skis.

Below, find our favorite 14 graphics from the 2020/2021 ski season:

Telluride Brewing Company's "Galloping Juice" (Custom Graphic)

Galloping Juice

Telluride Brewing Company's "Galloping Juice" is a play off of Telluride's public transportation – the "Galloping Goose." Here the Goose runs amok and leaves a trail of destruction behind it.


Flex Mountains (Stock Graphic)

Flex Mountains

Nothing like mapping out your route from the lift. The high-tech graphics and bright colors make these skis the ultimate in geek-chic.


Sugar Magnolia (Custom Graphic)

Sugar Magnolia

We design a LOT of Grateful Dead-themed graphics. Sometimes they are literal, sometimes more figurative. This one is gorgeous, and a bit more of an oblique reference. If you look closely you'll see lyrics woven into her hair. 


Lucky Charms (Custom Graphic)

Lucky Charms

Sometimes the most fun graphics come from far left-field. This pair is an homage to breakfast cereal – and hopes of getting lucky and finding that powder stash everyone else has overlooked.


Yoyo Ferro (Custom Graphic)

Yoyo Ferro

Brazilian born muralist Yoyo Ferro's bright, colorful, works transfer well to skis. Added bonus – he was great to work with on this design!


Bullfinch (Stock Graphic)


We are endlessly inspired by Katsushika Hokusai. This is one of his lesser-known wood-block prints – also available in the public domain.


South African Aspens (Custom Graphic)

South African Aspens

This graphic is a satisfying composite of a Melissa Plantz aspen photo and the owner's favorite painting, acquired while on a trip to South Africa.


Pup Art (Custom Graphic)

Pup Art

Dogs! Always a favorite theme, this ski combines 1980's Warhol-style Pop Art with the owners' best friends. 


Tattoo Death (Custom Graphic)

Tattoo Death

Hiring an artist paid off with these Southwest-styled custom illustrations. They even re-designed our logo to match the ski's visual style. 


Favorite Places--Vermont (Stock Graphic)

Favorite Places -- Vermont

Our Graphic Guru had been wanting to do a color-block ski for ages. With the right inspiration – landscapes from her favorite places, and a bit of texture – these beauties were born.


Sugar Skull (Custom Graphic)

Sugar Skull

"Sugar Skull's" details, in simple asymmetry and bright pops of color, make these skis clean and unique.


Record Stack (Custom Graphic)

Record Stack

This extensive record collection deserved to be shown off at a large scale, so it was an honor to stack these skis with so many musical legends.


Tie Dye Stealie (Custom Graphic)

Tie Dye Stealie

We've seen a fair amount of tie dye skis, but we can't pull our eyes off of the magentas and true tie dye texture that these skis are sporting. 


Missing Horse (Custom Graphic)

Missing Horse

The details and texture of this oil painting by Mark Maggiori made for an eye catching pair of skis. At large scale, every wrinkle and grain of sand was so clear, we wanted to hang them on our wall.