Top 10 Reasons to Create Your Perfect Custom Skis This Season

by Wagner Skis / Oct 10, 2016


There are lots of life decisions you get to enjoy for a long time—like deciding who to share your love with, what kind of dog you want to adopt as your ever-ready partner in fun, and which ski town you want to live in or visit, learning the tree lines, steeps, coffee shops, brewpubs and heartbreaking sunsets until they feel as familiar and friendly as your own frosty breath.

Add choosing how to create your own perfect ski to that list. As integral an asset to your alpine enjoyment as snow and gravity, having the ultimate dream ski under your feet can make each ski day, and each ski season, the best one of your life.

With the ultimate upgrade in mind, we put together our top 10 list of reasons to consider creating your own custom ski. (You can also easily access our A to Z guide to ski design, and construction, in three insightful posts, including, Ski Width, Ski Shape & Length, and Ski Materials).


Here’s the Custom Ski Top 10 List.

  1. You Create Your Own Mission Statement: Think of the first step in creating your own custom skis as something akin to writing your own wedding vows, honoring all the great times you’ve already had, but with a focus on the future, and all the better times to come with your new partners in descent. List all of the best features of skis you’ve loved in the past, and how you would have improved them, especially in regards to where you’ll ski them in the better days ahead.
  2. The Best Geometry: Here at Wagner Skis, we like math. Because once you decide on the dimensions and length of ski you prefer (see links above), we dial in the precise flex for your height, weight, and ski ability. Even the top award-winning skis in the latest ski test results can’t create a custom experience like that.
  3. Custom Skis Are Bootfitting 2.0: Just a few years back only racers, patrollers, and instructors had custom fit ski boots. Now everyone knows that a better fit provides better control, comfort, and performance. People who have custom boots never buy off the shelf again. Custom skis double down on that personalized experience.
  4. Expanding Your Sweet Spot: With better balance, along with increased control and comfort, you can also expect to have a much easier time getting on top of your turn and carving with much more authority—whether it’s early in the season, or mid-February when you’re on your umpteenth powder lap.
  5. More Versatility: That mix of customized design and a bigger sweet spot also equals a ski that works better in a variety of terrain and snow conditions. Customers continually report that the groomer skis we build them kick butt off-piste, while the powder still carve a mean arc on the hardpack heading back to the lift.
  6. More Confidence: Something magical happens when you don’t have to think about your skiing and are just in the moment doing it. You can just enjoy the terrain, the mountain air, and the wonderful moments that make skiing such a unique, amazing sport. We call that, ‘The Flow State.’ And yes, having the right equipment helps you get there quicker on the slopes.
  7. Get Your Mojo Back: Wagner Skis gets a lot of referrals. Plenty of them are from former lead dogs whose buddies built Wagners, and are now skiing better than ever. They ask us to help get them back in front of the pack.
  8. Skiers Who Can Get Pro Deals Work With Us: We’re privileged to build skis for working skiers who can get discounts on their equipment. Whether it’s lifties from Alta or patrollers right here in Telluride, building custom dream skis for people who will be on them every day of the winter is the kind of endorsement you just can’t fake.
  9. We Bring the Ski Shop to Your Front Door: At the same time, we also build skis for people in places like Singapore and London who don’t have a ski shop where they live, but still want to be dialed for the two or three trips they take each season. We feel like we’re shipping them that extra little bit of mountain magic.
  10. Each Ski is a Partnership: The absolute best part about what we do is that no ski we build is ever the same (yes, just like a snowflake). At Wagner, we get to use our knowledge, top shelf materials, and deep love of the sport, to build you a ski that answers your every desire, and that you just can’t get anywhere else. If it’s even more than you dreamed of, well that’s just a happy bonus.

Of course there’s also the opportunity to own a top performing ski that is unique to you and only you, designing your own one-of-a-kind topsheet, enjoying all the nuances of your custom boards every day you hit the slopes, and leaping down the hill with pure exhilaration from the top of every peak. Want to see what your custom ski would look like? Check out the Wagner Skier DNA page to start.


Your DNA.


Wagner Custom Skis takes your skiing to the next level by focusing on your Skier DNA to create a ski just for you, and you alone. We want you to click in and immediately feel at ease. Let us help you design your perfect-fit, custom skis. It's easy.