Rikke Jørgensen is a Danish artist whose artistic journey began with graphic design, evolved with her study of architecture and design, and has now begun to solidify in the world of illustration. Her art condenses and defines the beauty and chaos of the world around her, like a prism that focuses the light. Represented by the Traffic NYC management agency, she has collaborated with Wagner Custom Skis to create her new Traffic Artist Ski Collection.

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Though viewers might use the word “ethereal” to describe her powerful style, Jørgensen herself uses the word “defined.”

Her artistic journey has taken her to far-reaching corners of the globe, but her inspiration has largely remained the same—because it is all aspects of the world around her. She enjoys the process of representing the world visually, combining the chaotic and random with the linear and orderly. You can see it clearly in her art: She represents solid lines with many fine dots, and punctuates a realistic portrait with bright colors. She is at the mercy of the world around her and yet able to control and make sense of it artistically at the same time.


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“I am a playful thinker with an interest in visually connecting nature’s order and chaos,” she explains.

Her art is big. Sometimes in size, but mostly in statement. It’s bold and graphic, yet still might take a moment to digest and interpret. Jørgensen enjoys this dichotomy, even if the process itself takes hours or days. Her approach is often slow, she explains, which allows her to be even more deliberate. “I consider myself a very patient artist,” she says.

Living in a cultural epicenter such as Copenhagen since she was young has provided plenty of creative fodder for the artist, who has designed for such giants as Bloomingdales, Gap, and Nieman Marcus. She constantly studies how art interprets culture and society and appreciates the ease of access to a diverse array of it in Denmark.


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Art has played an important role in Jørgensen’s life since she was young, and the journey continues to evolve in new and exciting ways that she couldn’t have predicted.

“As we meet new people, and new joys and sorrows in life, we change our perspectives.” This flexibility in life translates to freedom in art. Her illustration and pointillism are striking on skis, and are now available in Wagner’s most recent collection.

 “As a Scandinavian girl loving snow,” she says, “I must admit that it’s amazing to see my work on skis. I love it!”




Instagram: @rikkejorgensen_illustration

Facebook: Illustrator Rikke Jorgensen


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Article by Caleigh Smith

Caleigh Smith has written for many publications, including Teton Gravity Research. Although her dreams of becoming the next great female telemark skier have begun to dissolve along with the menisci in her knees, her dreams of becoming a freelance adventure journalist have landed her in Jackson Hole, Wyo.