by Wagner Skis / Apr 02, 2021

We know, your mountain bike is calling from its lonely corner of the garage… But you have one more thing to do before you pull out your shammies: Order a new pair of Wagner skis now.

1) Why now? Because skiing is still fresh in your mind.

You’ll be better able to articulate what you want your skis to do for you, and what you like and don’t like about your current pair. Also, spring brings every kind of snow—from sneaky pow dumps to bulletproof groomers to glorious slush bumps—which gives you the opportunity to evaluate what your current skis’ strengths and weaknesses are. 

2) If you wait until fall to order, when the snow is already falling and you’re jonesing to get out, you’ll likely be harried, especially on the graphics front. And because Wagners are so durable, getting that right is paramount. (Think of it like that bad tattoo you got in college. You probably should have thought that through.) Hiring an artist for graphics takes some back and forth, so why not let them take their artistic time; AND get your skis before it's winter. Win-win! Need graphic inspiration? This is where to look.

3) When time is on your side (read: now), you can talk through materials, shapes, and flexes with Wagner’s experts to your heart’s contentand work directly with our graphics team for your top sheet. (Take a spin through our graphics gallery to give you some inspiration.)

4) Having those new skis on their way will also motivate you to stay fit—nothing inspires dry land training like a shiny new pair of boards. (Check out our fitness and nutrition articles for some ski-specific workouts to keep you in top shape through the non-ski season and help you prevent injury.)

5) And the last reason: Those new boots you want won’t be available until August, so it’s better on your bank account (and possibly your marriage) to spread your new gear purchases out over time.

Talk to a designer now. Your skis will be ready when you are!



Article by Kimberly Beekman

Kimberly Beekman is the former editor-in-chief of the late, great Skiing Magazine (RIP), and a longtime editor of SKI Magazine before that. She currently uses the title of “freelancer” as a beard to ski powder all over the world. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her wonderful daughter and terrible cat.