Ski Rocker vs Ski Camber: A Skier's Guide

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2020-2021 Stock Graphics

New Stock Graphics

It’s never too early to start daydreaming about your next ski graphic. Our amazing team of graphic designers create a new set of stock graphics each season to help keep you inspired. Because our ski season was cut short this year, we thought you could use a little pick me up. Here is our first set of 2020-2021 stock graphics. More will be added this summer and fall!

Colorblocking Series

Vermont: I’m from So. Burlington and nothing beats a New England fall. -HB

Hawaii: Hanalei is where I learned to surf. (Not that I’m any good.) -HB

Colorado: Main Street! (And where I’ve called home for over 20 years) -HB

Utah: Camping in Moab (spring vibes) -HB

Mountain Freckles

I love the idea of abstracted mountains and mountains made of shapes other than triangles. Even when I’m in the mountains, how close or far neighboring ranges are can be somewhat of an illusion – this pays homage to that exploration. -TA

Flex Mountains

When looking for new lines and places to explore, I spend a lot of time looking at digital maps. I love the contrasts of tech and nature – as well as black skis with bright colors. -TA

In the Sticks

Wood is at the core of our Wagner Ski construction, adding so much personality to how each ski flexes, and yet it’s a material easily forgotten, hidden within the ski. This graphic plays with deconstructionism, giving the impression of the fragmentation of ski’s topsheet to reveal the wood within. – KK


Eye catching yet subtle, this colored variation of ‘In the Sticks’ takes a step in a more playful direction. -KK

Carbon Blue 

Inspired by the dramatic diagonals seen in many retro graphics, this design merges color blocking with the naturally prominent criss-cross found in carbon fiber. The blue tone fades, changes and repeats throughout the length of the ski. -KK

You can view more of our stock graphics here and custom inspiration here.