Ski Rocker vs Ski Camber: A Skier's Guide

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The Future of Skiing

The Future of Skiing

Each Memorial Day Weekend, our hometown of Telluride is flooded with film, art, and ideas that inspire audiences from all different walks of life to create a better world. The festival is Mountainfilm, and is not to be missed. The films and presentations zero in on real-world issues in the realms of the environment, social issues, culture, politics, skiing, climbing, and more.

One of our favorite film/presentations this year was, ‘The Future of Skiing’. We all share a passion for the outdoors, and here in Telluride, our culture and economy depend on winter and the ski industry. The Future of Skiing helps us understand how climate change is posing a threat to skiing and what can be done. Here, you can view the presentation that Joel Gratz, climatologist and Founder of OpenSnow, put together regarding the future of skiing in Colorado as we know it.

Joel Gratz on The Future of Skiing

Follow-up Q&A on The Future of Skiing with Joel Gratz and Mountainfilm Festival Director, David Holbrooke

Joel Gratz holds a Meteorology Degree from Penn State, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Curious what you can do to help make a difference? Check out The Climate Activist’s Roadmap from Protect Our Winters.

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