Ski Rocker vs Ski Camber: A Skier's Guide

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Avalanche Education Resources

Avalanche Education Refreshers

Early closures at ski resorts across the globe have created an influx of skiers in the backcountry. In this wild and unprecedented time, we encourage you to keep the stoke high but the risk low. If you are heading into the backcountry or avalanche terrain, now is a good time to freshen up on your avalanche education. Here are our curated resources. Stay safe and healthy friends!

Avalanche Basics

In this article, we’ll look at four primary variables when assessing avalanche potential and danger: Terrain, Weather, Snowpack and Humans. Read more here.

Terrain Management & Avalanche Hazard

Terrain is the only piece of the avalanche triad of Snowpack, Weather, and Terrain that we have any control over. If you have questions about the snowpack, or if the weather increases the avalanche danger, you must simply pick safer terrain. Read the full article here.

Avalanche Rescue Technique

A how-to article on avalanche rescue. This post is a refresher for backcountry skiers on the topic of avalanche rescue technique. This is not a substitute for an avalanche rescue course or snow-safety class. 


A breakdown of snowpits for recreational skiers. For the average backcountry skier, the main question: is the slope safe to ski? Here’s a simple, effective scheme for determining that.

Changing Snow Conditions in the Spring

Springtime brings longer days and higher sun angles. The snowpack transitions from dry to wet. Accordingly, we must adjust how we manage our avalanche problems. Learn more here.

Avalanche Safety Checklist

Heading into the backcountry? Here are the items you should put on your backcountry safety checklist.

Think Like An Avalanche Professional

Here’s the best advice on how to think like a snow safety professional, from the professionals themselves.

Backcountry Mistakes

Here are nine mistakes even experienced backcountry skiers make.

Avalanche Education Courses

Which avalanche education course is right for you? Read the full article here.