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Boulder Creative Collection: Danielle DeRoberts

Danielle DeRoberts Originally from N.Y. and San Francisco, CA, Danielle DeRoberts (onerary) is a full time artist and collaborator (painting/drawing, textiles, mural art, graphic design + art installation). Danielle’s unique...

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Six Week Ski Prep Program

6-Week Ski Fitness Program By Jake Hutchinson Jake has spent more than 25 years working as an avalanche professional. He is currently a lead instructor for the American Avalanche Institute,...

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Next Level Skiing Podcast: Lindsay Andersen – Pull Your Toes Up

Lindsay Andersen: Pull Your Toes Up Season 2, Episode 1 Welcome back to the second season of Next Level Skiing, the podcast where we explore any and all tips, hacks...

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Why Buy Custom Skis?

Have More Fun In any sport, when your equipment is dialed it’s easier to enjoy what you are doing. That’s especially true in skiing. You won’t have fun if your...

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The Ultimate Gift

Gift Skis

Deciding on the right gift for someone can be a challenge. Luckily, Wagner Custom Skis is around to eliminate gift-giving pressure. Wagner takes the hard work and complexities out of choosing equipment for your special someone because each ski is handcrafted and customized based on an individual’s Skier DNA. The Wagner process allows skiers anywhere in the world to work with our ski design engineers on a perfect and unique ski design. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are two first-hand accounts of how Wagner Custom Skis turned out to be the perfect gift.

Jonathan Harris purchased skis for his wife Kristin Harris, and here is their story…

“My wife Kristin grew up skiing and essentially lost her enthusiasm for it following her battle with cancer and the long recovery. Wagner Skis, with her custom design, got her back into skiing. The fit, form and function of the skis brought her back 20 years in her skill level and passion for the sport. She absolutely loves her skis (and they truly are 100% hers) and she is skiing again thanks to the magic of Wagner!”
-Jonathan Harris

Elizabeth Farrar purchased Wagner Custom Skis for her husband Craig who was skeptical of the process, here is their story…

“My husband Craig is not your average male skier at 6’1″ and 130 pounds. Over the years, prior to my giving him his Wagner skis, he would demo five to six skis per season and come away disappointed. I once suggested that he try women’s skis as they would be more appropriate for his weight or that he think about a custom ski as they are made for someone who doesn’t fit the average; like most males, my suggestions weren’t appreciated and were ignored.

I finally decided to give him a pair of Wagner’s for our anniversary. I could tell that he was very skeptical during the design process. He kept saying what if I go through all this and I don’t like the skis. When they arrived he looked at them and I could tell that although he didn’t say anything, that he had even more reservations about them. The proof of the pudding was on the mountain, once he skied them he came back with a grin on his face and told me that he told someone that there wasn’t anything he had skied that day that his Wagner’s didn’t ski better than is old skis. I really knew that my gift was a total success when he told me a month later that he was taking his beloved Shoguns to the free box.

Craig likes his skis so much that he gave me a pair for our anniversary this year.”
-Elizabeth Farrar

Here is what you need to know about giving the gift of Wagner Custom Skis:
If you determine that Wagner skis are the perfect gift. We will send you a gift packet which includes information about our skis and a letter from Wagner Custom that you can give to your giftee. This letter includes everything your gift recipient will need to know and outlines instructions on how to start their unique gift experience. The Wagner ski creation process takes approximately three weeks.

We invite you to give the gift that keeps on giving, Wagner Custom Skis. Give us a call (970.728.0107) and we’ll send you a gift packet in time for the holidays!

Wagner Ski Package

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