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How to Make Skis

“Though he begins with a high-tech set of plans, much of the Wagner process is high-touch. The recipe includes the precise dimensions for a milling machine that scores a single sheet of wood, known as the raw block. Wagner uses one of six woods—including sugar maple, aspen, and poplar, and vertical laminate combos therein—depending on the desired density and stiffnesses, power and maneuverability of the finished ski. Each wood edge is then lined with steel that’s first bent in a machine with spools that resemble an old movie projector.”

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The Flourishing Startup

Wagner’s success comes from his technical mastery of ski construction and high-end manufacturing, and the kind of grinding persistence present in most successful entrepreneurs. For those skiers trying to crack the ultimate life riddle of combining work and play, Wagner offers a blueprint, albeit a difficult one to replicate.”


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A Bespoke Business

“Pete Wagner is an engineer who previously designed software used to build custom-fit golf clubs. So he made the tech a part of his ski company’s narrative. Each set of skis takes 10 to 12 hours to produce over a two-week period, leading to improved balance, comfort, control, power, and efficiency.”


Swanky Snow Planks

There are skis and there are skis, and Wagner makes the latter. These skis aren’t born of molds, but technology and craftsmanship. Each Wagner product varies in length, width, sidecut, tip/tail shape, rocker/camber profile and material composure, depending on the stiffness/flex you’re after.”


Perform Like a Dream

The process works much like assembling a 3D jigsaw puzzle. Custom computer-generated tools cut the ski components out of wood planks, using the remains to formulate the ski molds for the rest of the process before being discarded, meaning no two skis out of Wagner Custom are the same.”


Best Pair of Skis You’ve Ever Had

Wagner Custom Skis are made to line up with your exact skiing needs, using an algorithm that takes into account height, weight, and ski preferences from a consultation. They take that information and choose the best materials to produce your skis, which typically are finished in two to three weeks. Then, they use a design-and-build process that blends 21st-century technology with old-world craftsmanship.”


Innovative Design

Wagner Custom’s hands-on approach enables the brand to gain an advantage over larger manufacturers. By optimizing the design and manufacturing process as well as guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction, the company offers its customers their ideal pair of made-to-order skis, enabling skiers to unleash their potential with the help of smarter, one-of-a-kind products crafted to suit specific requirements.”


“I suffered a bad knee injury years ago, but love skiing. The Wagner fit dealt with my weak knee and I now tackle slopes which were previously beyond my reach. These are great skis, that make everything fun. Why did I wait so long?”


“My Wagner Custom Skis are excellent in all conditions. In comparison to my new Wagner Skis, all other current ski models are clumsy, imprecise, unresponsive, lacking in stability and slow. Needless to say, I fully enjoy skiing on my Wagners!”


“My Wagner Custom Skis are truly among the finest gifts I’ve ever received in my life. I had a chance to enjoy my new custom-made skis this past season, and I’m looking forward to carving on them many days next winter.”


“Not only do the ski’s do exactly what Pete said they would, they’ve exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, my wife and I picked up the skis from Pete’s shop, met the team, Pete took us for a tour, made us feel very welcome and just really capped off the whole experience. Thanks to Pete and his team, great product and a truly “custom” experience.”


“Before my custom Wagners, I felt I had to compromise some aspects of my skiing because of my skis. Now I can’t imagine skiing without them. They ski amazing and are incredibly durable. I can put them through the wringer and they continue to perform. From the thick edge and base to the bomber sidewalls they just keep charging hard.”


“I like my Wagner Skis because I know what to expect from them every time I ski. In short, they’re a consistent high performing product. I would recommend Wagner Skis to friends/family and would easily choose Wagner again to continually expand my quiver.”


“Wagner skis put a smile on my face even when the conditions aren’t awesome. Gold Hill Chute seven was an ice staircase, the apron at the bottom sticky cement, but my Wagner Skis negotiated it all without a problem. I loved working with the Wagner team. Love my Wagner skis!”