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Wagner Custom Skis

Enhancing the Skiing Experience, One Pair at a Time

At Wagner Custom, we help you elevate your game on snow by designing skis that are matched to your exact needs. The uniquely tailored combination of ski materials, flex and geometry that results will improve your balance, control, and efficiency on snow, ultimately making skiing more comfortable and fun. Since 2006, Wagner Custom has been the gold standard in custom skis.

From design inception to the perfect powder day, we'll take care of you every step of the way. But, don't just take it from us...

The team at Wagner Custom Skis could not be more awesome!! These guys are the best in the business. From the start, the whole team is invested in creating and designing the most perfect fit for your new skis. Whether you enjoy hitting the groomers or the trees, Wagner Skis will design skis that are best suited to your ski ability and style. The design team does an incredible job making sure your custom design is EXACTLY how you want it, walking you through the process every step of the way. Super pumped with my new skis thanks to Pete and his dedicated team out in Telluride!!

James Parmalee

I didn’t think I was ready for Wagner Skis just being an intermediate-advanced skier, but they’ve transformed my skiing and confidence. My skiing experience has become more efficient and enjoyable. It’s like my skis have innate intelligence responding to me; rather than me forcing the ski to perform. Thank you Wagner Team!

Audrey Marnoy

FINALLY!!! These skis have met my every expectation. I wanted a versatile, lightweight ski and I got it. Bumps, trees, on/off piste, powder, they do it all. Working with the Wagner team was an easy and good experience, not to mention their professionalism. I highly recommend Wagner and can’t wait to start working with the Wagner team again on a pair of backcountry skis!

Matt King

If you want the absolute best ride / performance boards possible then you have found them. Pete will work with you until you are 100% satisfied. You might be thinking of the cost… My Wag’s replaced three sets: frontside carvers, all-mountain and pow. You figure each of those setups came in around 1K so I am still spending more than the Wag’s with far less performance. The only time I break out the extra big fatties is when it’s an epic dump and I need the extra float. No matter what I put them in, they performed above my expectations. Best money I have ever spent.

T De Beers

I believe! Got my custom skis last year and can’t take them off. My powder skis, my race skis both retired. The whole process is a great experience. They made my skis right to my needs. Fun is the word. I also got the exact colors and graphics. I really encourage anyone who has ever wondered why skis can’t be their best to contact Wagner and create YOUR skis.

David Lumley

Lets Get Started

On Your New Favorite Skis

Your perfect-fit skis will uniquely match your skiing profile. Depending on what type of ski you are looking for, we will help you determine the optimal ski length, width, sidecut radius, camber and rocker profile, stiffness, flex patterns, tip and tail shapes, and materials. Let’s get started with the type of ski you need.

Wagner Custom Skis Are Designed to Improve Your Skiing

Each year we handcraft a batch of the world's best skis. We do this by combining 21st century technology with old-world craftsmanship to create a ski that is designed specifically for you, and you alone.
1) Length

There’s no universal rule of thumb for how long a ski should be. The right length has to do with a skier’s height, weight, skiing ability and the ski’s shape. Generally speaking, the longer the ski, the more stability it will have at speed, but the tougher it will be to turn quickly. Conversely, the shorter the ski, the easier it will be to turn quickly, but the less stable it will be the faster you go. Learn more here.

2) Width

Ski design starts with what is known as the waist — the width of the ski beneath the boot. Skis with a wider waist help you float in powder, but they require more work to turn. The right width depends mostly on the terrain where you spend most of your time skiing. Width is a crucial element to get right when choosing a pair of skis, and something you want to focus on first. Learn more here.

3) Camber

In 99% of ski designs, camber is a good thing. It creates more versatility, with better edge control and stability when you need it most. Camber is particularly helpful when skiing at high speeds, traversing across slopes, and skiing on firm or icy slopes. Having an effective edge is important: It aids in controlling your turn and gives you power. Learn more here.

4) Weight

More mass gives a ski more stability and helps to power through variable snow conditions without being kicked off the arc of the turn. The pilot (you) uses less energy in chop, crud and crust. Having mass in your skis is especially good for going downhill. If you have ever skied on an ultra-lightweight ski, you know that the ski tends to vibrate a lot and is easily deflected in challenging conditions. With that said though, lightweight is definitely helpful for uphill travel. Learn more here.

How It Works

In 3 - 4 Weeks You can Have custom skis shipped to you, anywhere in the world. Heres How our process works.

1) Skier DNA

Our Skier DNA fitting process allows us to determine the perfect combination of ski materials, shape, profile (power, flex), and construction to create your one-of-a-kind ski. Whether you know a lot or very little about ski design, our Skier DNA process will guide you to a pair of perfectly fitting skis that will help you ski comfortably in a wide range of snow conditions, all over the mountain. You’ll ski with more confidence and control, with less fatigue, and spend more time on the mountain having fun. Get started on your Skier DNA here.

2) Ski Design Call

Once you’ve filled out your Skier DNA, the next step is scheduling a phone or skype call with one of our expert ski design engineers. We design skis all day, all year long, and can quickly lead you to the combination of ski parameters that’s exactly right for you. This call gives us a more detailed look at your skiing and ski requirements, allowing us to arrive at an optimal ski design recommendation. Schedule a phone call with one of our ski designers here.

3) Ski Build

Our design-and-build process blends cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship. Specifications for your perfect-fit ski are created using advanced computerized diagnostic and design tools. From there, Wagner’s CNC milling machines are used to precisely cut parts of your ski so they fit together like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. Our ski builders then assemble the parts with an exactitude not possible in a mass-production ski factory. We then press your skis, and clean and tune them to World Cup standards. We’ll help you choose the best bindings, and will mount your skis so you can immediately drop them in the snow and click in. Learn more about our process here.

4) Ski Them Hard

Our process typically takes four weeks from design consultation through production. When you receive your skis, it’s time to start really enjoying the sport — get out and ride your new skis hard. Over our 10 years in business, our Skier DNA design process paired with our expert craftsmanship has created and shipped more than 10,000 successful designs, each pair a unique creation that works perfectly right out of the box. Wagner Custom’s guarantee: If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll make it right with a complete rebuild or refund. Why wait? Get started on your Skier DNA now.

Your Skier DNA Says a Lot About the Way You Ski

One one-of-a-kind skis are designed to improve your balance, comfort and control on the mountain because we believe skiing should be fun, not stressful or hard. We’re here to help you build a ski that fits your skiing type so you can dominate the steep and deeps or cruise the front-side with ease. To get started, what’s your skier type?

Start Designing


There are skis and there are skis, and Wagner makes the latter. These skis aren’t born of molds, but technology and craftsmanship. Each Wagner product varies in length, width, sidecut, tip/tail shape, rocker/camber profile and material composure, depending on the stiffness/flex you’re after.

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