2024 House Graphics

by Wagner Skis / Aug 03, 2023

Winter is coming, and we're getting ready. Introducing the 2024 House graphics by Wagner Custom Skis.

Our designers have been hard at work creating our new house graphics for the upcoming ski season. Ten new designs (with 38 total variations) means that there are plenty of options for your viewing pleasure. 

Without further ado, we present the 2024 House graphics:


 Fibonacci by Jack Plantz

If you've been with us for a while, you already know that the Graphics Team are great big nerds who love all things science, skiing, and (graphic) design. Jack's take on the Fibonacci sequence is an homage to that fact, and we love it.

Four colors options are available: Retro (pictured), Eclipse, Dahlia, and Corolla.


Fidget by Sherwood Smith

We're constantly stewing on graphics in our heads, hence "Fidget." Somehow both New England beach-chic and a nod to 70's wood paneling, these classic graphics won't go out of style.

Available in four colors: Creek (pictured), Riverrock, Moss, and Campfire


Fleck by Heather Baltzley

There are times where simple is better, and this graphic is one of them. The subtle pattern is made from the knock out "reflection" from the Wagner logo, and the color palette is inspired from some famous brands' 2024 ski wear collections.

Offered in four original colors (Primavera [pictured], Siren, Steel, and Porcelain), we're happy to explore other colors for your skis. You can even name the color when we're done! (As a House graphic, your color combo will be offered to the public.)


Focus by Heather Baltzley

Ready for more nerding out? How about a graphic inspired by the first photograph taken by the James Webb telescope? Showing the oldest galaxies ever seen by human eyes, the Webb is out there collecting images to inspire us for years to come.

Available in three color options: Red Giant (pictured), White Dwarf, and Proto Star. (Yes, color variations represent the actual colors we see in each of these types of stars.)


Houndstooth by Heather Baltzley

Our "Graphics Guru" has been spending a lot of time in New Zealand lately, and Houndstooth is really taking off in fashion. Seen everywhere, in every material, we'd like to invite you to include skis in your fashion statement.

"Houndstooth" comes in four color options: Taupe (pictured), Peri, Pistachio, and Crepe.


Ink by Sherwood Smith

There is a cheeky nod to the famous Line ski graphic here, plus a hefty dose of sumi-e. Throw in a bit of texture, splatters, and a strong vertical element and you've got Woody's "Ink" graphic for 2024. 

Available in four colors: Inky Red (pictured above), Inky Green, Inky Gold, and Inky Blue.


Koozie by Sherwood Smith

Yes, we are nerds. And yes, we love the outdoors. But we also love a frosty cold beverage at the end of a long day of adventuring (or designing skis). This graphic was inspired by a Koozie picked up by Woody several summers ago, and now makes its way onto our skis.

Four colors are available: Alpine (pictured), West Coast, Treeline, and High Desert.

Mountain Lines

Mountain Lines
Mountain Lines by Jack Plantz

Inspiration comes from many places (Koozies, NASA, doors), and this time it is drawn from a beat-up 80's t-shirt. Strong circles remind us of sunsets and full moons, the color combinations bring us to different times of the day or locations. 

Available in four color options: Summertime (pictured), Ocean Views, Moonlight, and Blood Moon.

Number 1

Number 1
Number 1 by Sherwood Smith

While Woody was playing around with AI to create some new and unique textures, this pattern emerged. Dreamy, techy, and satisfying every grunge urge of Gen X, the name of the ski actually comes from a Star Trek: Next Generation reference. As Jean-Luc Picard would say, "make it so, Number One." So, we did.

Number 1 comes in three color options: Zen (pictured), Urban, and River.





Speakeasy by Heather Baltzley

The concept for this graphic comes from a door found on Featherston Street in Wellington, New Zealand. Knocking around Heather's head for over a year, she finally had time to sketch it out and make it a reality. 

Available in four colors: Emerald (pictured above), Sapphire, Amethyst, and Ruby.


Words by Heather Baltzley

Heather has been Wagner's "Graphics Guru" since the company's second year.

Can't wait for winter? Start your skis now.