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What People Say

I suffered a bad knee injury years ago, but love skiing. The Wagner fit dealt with my weak knee and I now tackle slopes which were previously beyond my reach. These are great skis, that make everything fun. Why did I wait so long?

David Keltner

I am the very happy owner of two pairs of Wagner skis. I teach skiing and each day can be different. Wagner made me skis with the exact characteristics I asked for. I like my skis to feel like an extension of my body with nothing to figure out. These skis slice and grip when they need to. They are very durable if you encounter rocks and need a ski to last a long time. The icing on the cake is custom graphics. How fun is that?

Trainer and Instructor Cindy Smith ski Wagner Custom Skis
Cindy Smith
Ski Instructor, Telluride Ski Resort

Before my custom Wagners, I felt I had to compromise some aspects of my skiing because of my skis. Now I can’t imagine skiing without them. From the thick edge and base to the bomber sidewalls they just keep charging hard.

Greg Hope
Pro Big-Mountain Skier

Wagner Custom's quality and craftsmanship excels in all conditions like no other ski I have used in over 30 years of guiding around the world. If you are seriously looking for that perfect ski, look no further than a pair of Wagners.

Wes Wylie, guide for Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
Wes Wylie
Guide, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

I put customers on Wagner skis because I believe they will get a terrific experience in their skiing. Attention to detail in the quality of each pair of skis is superior. The skis are calibrated to a person’s physical makeup which allows them to enjoy the precision, integrity, forgiveness of each and every turn, particularly on the terrain they enjoy the most.

David Lesnow
Sales, Telluride Sports

My Wagners put a smile on my face even when the conditions aren’t awesome. Gold Hill Chute seven was an ice staircase, the apron at the bottom sticky cement, but my Wagner Skis negotiated it all without a problem. I love my skis!

Diane Elam

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