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Wagner Custom Skis help you elevate your skiing game by designing skis that match your exact needs. Your skis’ uniquely tailored combination of materials, flex, and geometry will improve your balance, control and efficiency on snow, ultimately making skiing more comfortable and fun.

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Wagner Custom started in 2006. After a career designing custom golf clubs, Pete Wagner transformed a gas station into a custom ski factory, and became the gold standard in custom skis. Now located in Telluride, we design, build, and deliver the ultimate handmade custom skis directly to you.

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Before my custom Wagners, I felt I had to compromise some aspects of my skiing because of my skis. Now I can’t imagine skiing without them. From the thick edge and base to the bomber sidewalls they just keep charging hard.

Greg Hope

I like my Wagner Skis because I know what to expect from them every time I ski. In short, they’re a consistent high performing product. I would recommend Wagner Skis and easily choose Wagner again to expand my quiver.

Carson Taylor

My Wagners put a smile on my face even when the conditions aren’t awesome. Gold Hill Chute seven was an ice staircase, the apron at the bottom sticky cement, but my Wagner Skis negotiated it all without a problem. I love my skis!

Diane Elam

The custom skis I designed with the team at Wagner are the first pair of skis I’ve ever owned that do exactly what I want. They were able to mirror the best characteristics of the various skis I’ve owned over many years. 

Rob Efaw

My Wagner Custom Skis are excellent in all conditions. In comparison to my new Wagner Skis, all other current ski models are clumsy, imprecise, unresponsive, lacking in stability and slow. Needless to say, I fully enjoy skiing on my Wagners!

Iain McAlister

I suffered a bad knee injury years ago, but love skiing. The Wagner fit dealt with my weak knee and I now tackle slopes which were previously beyond my reach. These are great skis, that make everything fun. Why did I wait so long?

David Keltner
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