Fan Favorite Graphics Winners 2022-2023

by Wagner Skis / Apr 03, 2023

A big thank you to everyone who voted in the 2022-2023 "Fan Favorites" contest! Your favorite, with just over 20% of the votes, is Jack Plantz's Artist Series graphic "Cerro Torre." 

Cerro Torre by Wagner Custom Skis Artist Series artist Jack Plantz
Cerro Torre by Jack Plantz
The second favorite (with 17.2% of the votes) is Brazilian artist Paula Sgarbi's "Tattoo." Tattoo skis by Brazilian tattoo artist Paula Sgarbi
Tattoo by Paula Sgarbi

And the third favorite (with just under 12% of the votes) is "San Miguel Range" from Woody Smith.

San Miguel Range by Woody Smith
San Miguel Range by Woody Smith

And in case you missed the original contest, here are the rest our favorites from the 2022-2023 production season:

"Shandoka" by James Niehues
Yes, we are 100% biased on this graphic, but how can you argue? James Niehues drew this especially for us, and we could not be any prouder. You can buy this graphic for your skis here.

Shandoka graphic by Wagner Custom Skis artist James Niehues
Shandoka by James Niehues

The album cover for Twiddle becomes a colorful, abstract tribute to the band.

Twiddle custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

The full range of a watershed illustrates nature’s cycles—and sums up how we feel, too: "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for."

Watershed custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

"Neural Pathways"
This surreal ski illustrates the brain drawing its own pathways to the human figure.

Neural Pathways custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

"Deep Floral"
We've done lots of florals through the years, but none in this color palette. We love the moodiness of these gorgeous skis.

Deep Floral custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

Sometimes a good texture just does wonders for a simple layout. The horizontal stripes in this graphic remind us of stacks of records in a record store. This graphic is one of our free House Graphics.

Matchbox-Pensive house graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

We love graphics that make us laugh, and this pool-side pair of skis is no exception. 

Poolside custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

This beautiful ink drawing stirs (shakes?) references of Japanese sumi-e and, of course, James Bond.

Herons custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

Being foodies ourselves, we love the humor in this unique pair of skis.

Picnic custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

When you are a ripping 9-year old skier, what else would you want on your skis but your personal Lego collection?

Playland custom graphic for Wagner Custom Skis

"Bird's Nest" by Joanie Schwarz
A blend of quiet layered images creates this dreamy pair of skis by photographer and artist Joanie Schwarz.

Birds Nest custom graphic from artist Joanie Schwarz
Bird's Nest by Joanie Schwarz

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled next March for the 2023-2024 Fan Favorite graphics. Happy off-season!


Custom Graphics? Yeah, we got those.