Past Artist Series: LINDEE ZIMMER

by Wagner Skis / Jan 16, 2020

(Although you can no longer buy Lindee's ski graphics directly, we can get in touch with her to see if she can give one-off permission for her archived pieces. Please contact us for more details.)

Lindee Zimmer is a public artist, painter, curator, collaborator and teacher living in Denver. Follow textures, lines and scattered stripes, and dive into the imagination; Lindee’s art stems from the colors of tropical birds, the cracks in the walls she draws her murals, energy of the universe that connects us. She draws off the patterns in leaves, she paints the vibrations of love, she sketches the frivolous buoyancy that brought us all to search for art to be curated in the first place. Anyway, make yourself at home, you are part of it now. Lindee was born in Colorado and currently lives in Denver. She has been a public artist for over 6 years, she loves collaboration, optical illusions and is a teacher and forever student.

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Artist Interview

Wagner: Tell me a little about you.
Lindee: I eat a lot of almond butter. I love walking slow with no purpose. I stay up late because there is less energy to deal with then. I don’t consider myself a painter even though that’s what I do most the time. I think happiness is found in living in the present moment.

Wagner: What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
Lindee: A public artist (and part clown).

Wagner: Where can people typically find your art?
Lindee: On the walls, mostly in Colorado, but all over the world too!

Wagner: If you wanted a reader to know one thing about your art, what would it be?
Lindee: I am passionate about bringing art to all people. Which is why I prefer to do large scale public murals. I hope to inspire others to create and feel connected to one another and the earth.

Wagner: What’s your favorite piece / work of art?
Lindee: Ehhhh… the Mona Lisa?!? No, really Marina Abramovićs The Artist is Present at MoMA.

Wagner: What is it like to see your art on skis?
Lindee: It is amazing. I am very happy to work with Wagner. I come from an enthusiastic ski family and it is awesome to have my work skis that will be out in nature.

Wagner: Do you have a favorite from the five we put together?
Lindee: Reed’s 93’ till infinity. 

Wagner: Are you a skier?
Lindee: Kind of 🙂 I did as a kid and when I do get the chance to get on snow, I snowboard.

Wagner: What’s your favorite place to ski?
Lindee: Jackson Hole or Eldora, because I grew up skiing there.

Wagner: Any last thoughts or information about you or your art we should know?
Lindee: All my art is better enjoyed with a smile.

Explore more of Lindee’s art via her website here or her Instagram page here.