Gear Junkie: Wagner Skis Launches New Factory Summit Series

by Wagner Skis / Oct 05, 2022
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This article was written for Gear Junkie by Morgan Tilton.
Originally Published October 5, 2022

Wagner Skis Launches New Factory Summit Series Lineup — We Put It to the Test

The Factory Summit Series (which dropped in spring 2022) provides a more accessible made-to-order ski setup with a faster turnaround and more economic price tag.

Wagner Skis is recognized in the U.S., and probably elsewhere, as the foremost company for customized skis. This year, the boutique ski company released the Factory Summit Series lineup, which narrows down and simplifies the specialization of building a made-for-you ski.

Instead of imagining a brand-new model from the ground up, skiers can select a handful of design traits from a menu of pre-established options. The process offers the best of both worlds, blending custom selection with off-the-shelf...