Gentleman's Journal: Should you be buying a pair of custom-made skis this winter?

by Wagner Skis / Aug 01, 2023
Gentleman's Journal reviews Wagner Custom Skis
By Jonathan Wells
Originally published August 1, 2023

The public’s demand for luxurious, bespoke belongings is snowballing. It started out small, with Savile Row suits and idiosyncratic signet rings kicking off our cravings for personalised, one-of-a-king possessions. But, in recent years, we’ve seen a flurry of new options and offerings; an avalanche of tailor-made, high-end goods.

Sectors from the luxury luggage market to the blend-your-own spirits industry have all introduced bespoke services; with made-to-order manufacturing expanding to deliver on our collective desire for more unique, singular and special products. And this snowballing trend has even drifted onto ski slopes. ...

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