How to Custom Graphics: Part 5 (Putting it all Together)

by Wagner Skis / Feb 05, 2023

You've decided to do a custom graphic for your skis, but now what? While some people see this as an immense opportunity for creativity, others find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start. This is the final of five articles helping you hone in on places, avenues, and ideas to find and kick-start your creativity.  

Let's put it all together.


We've discussed 4 avenues for thinking about your custom ski design. If you missed them, catch them all here: 
How to Custom Graphics: Part 1 (Vector Graphics)
How to Custom Graphics: Part 2 (Wood Veneers)
How to Custom Graphics: Part 3 (Original and Existing Art)
How to Custom Graphics: Part 4 (Photography)

Whatever route you choose, your vision and our graphic expertise means you can't really go wrong. 


We get a lot of people who say "I don't know what I want", or "I'm bad at colors", and "I'm not a designer." While our designers know more than you about the intricacies of color theory or typefaces, we can't read your mind. We need your help! These are YOUR skis, not ours, so tell us what you think. If you hate blue, let us know. If you love grunge texture, let us know! We can help execute your design ideas, but we can't create your ideas for you.  

Here's a review of the types of topsheets you can pursue with Wagner:

Vector Art
Great for bright colors with an illustrative look. Also incredible for abstract ideas, patterns, textures and more. Check out some cool possibilities here.

San Joaquin from Wagner Custom Skis

Wood Veneers
Great for a classy, simple look. Awesome for simple engravings of initials, emblems, and logos. See All Wood Veneers.

Camp Bird Spruce

Existing art or using Illustrators
Incredible for art that you own, or ideas you have for elaborate original artwork. Really cool if you have artistic friends or family (just remember to pay them, artists have to eat, too). If you want to support an artist but don't have any specific ideas, check out our artist series.

Jack Plantz Artist Series graphics for Wagner Custom Skis
Jack Plantz's Artist Series graphics for Wagner Custom Skis.

Want to take your dog, baby, or favorite memories skiing with you? Photographic topsheets allow you to do just that. Send us images you've taken or found online (with permission of use and within our resolution restrictions), and e'll adjust them to your custom ski shape. (If you are doing multiple pairs, consider doing a panoramic set!)

The San Miguel mountain range by Kane Scheidegger and Wagner Custom Skis
The San Miguel Range of skis from Kane Sheidegger


K.I.S.S (Keep it simple skiers!) 
This is self explanatory. Simple, pointed designs almost always turn out better than complex, busy designs. 

Remember the shape! 
Wagner’s Graphic Guru Heather Baltzley always says “I can tell you a thousand ways to lay art onto a popsicle stick” and she’s not kidding. Skis are long and skinny with a middle portion that is covered when being used. That means vertical image or sideways panoramas work well. 

Don’t be afraid to be abstract. 
People generally see skis from at least 5 feet away, which is a great opportunity to be abstract with your designs. 

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    How to Custom Graphics: Part 1 (Vector Graphics)
    How to Custom Graphics: Part 2 (Wood Veneers)
    How to Custom Graphics: Part 3 (Original and Existing Art)
    How to Custom Graphics: Part 4 (Photography)


    Article by Tatiana Armstrong

    Tatiana Armstrong is a former in-house graphic designer at Wagner Custom Skis. She has been a sucker for skiing since she was in the womb, and will do whatever it takes to get some untracked turns. 


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