Men's Journal: How to Find the Right Custom Skis

by Wagner Skis / Nov 24, 2012


This article was written for The New York Times by Nicole LaPorte

Originally Published Nov. 24, 2012


"Buying a ski off the shelf is hit or miss. There are racks of options, and it’s a confusing process. Unless you can test a quiver of models on the slopes in a variety of conditions, it’s practically impossible to know which is best for you. Getting a ski built for you, and how and where you ski, can make a huge difference. (And now, more skiers — and not just racers — are customizing the insoles in their boots for a better fit, too.) While many other custom ski companies do custom graphics only, or tweak a pre-designed ski for skier weight, Colorado-based Wagner Custom Skis, located near Telluride, is the only company with a highly evolved scientific process for creating perfect custom skis for each user.  "...