by Wagner Skis / Jan 12, 2021

Season 3, Episode 8: Be the Water, Not the Rock – Skylar Holgate

For almost half his life, Skylar Holgate has logged 250-300 day seasons in the biggest mountains of Colorado, Alaska, Argentina, and Chile. He guides for Silverton Mountain Guides in Colorado and Alaska, founded both SASS and Sled Chile in South America and owns Bonnie Belle cabin up Red Mountain Pass. A former ski racer turned big-mountain snowboarder, few have shepherded more skiers into their biggest ever days on snow. Skylar has had the front row seat to thousands of skiers' very best days. He's got insights galore into not just technical strategies for stepping up into bigger lines, but also tips for our mental game to help vanquish fear and focus on fun. Sky delivers in this one, so buckle up as he shows us the rungs to reach the next level.


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Topics & Times

[03:37] Skylar’s transition from skiing to snowboarding.
[04:45] Skylar’s priorities in his twenties.
[06:01] Helping people achieve results and overcome fear.
[10:00] The challenges of adjusting resort style to backcountry/heli-skiing.
[13:50] Why it’s important to familiarize yourself with new gear before skiing.
[16:45] Skylar’s excitement about showing people the ropes and helping them improve.
[21:45] Differences and similarities between resort skiers and professional skiers.
[23:38] How he handles giving advice to professionals.
[25:53] Important turn advice.
[31:54] The best way to communicate with someone who is struggling.
[36:05] The most helpful advice Skylar has received.
[37:50] The main talent of Silverton Mountain Guides.
[38:40] The importance of trying new things.


Silverton Mountain Guides

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