Next Level Skiing S5, E7 | Mark Morris: Being an Ambassador of Life

by Wagner Skis / Feb 20, 2023

S5, E7 – Mark Morris: Being an Ambassador of Life

Mark Morris takes the leap of faith off of some massive cliffs.

Mark Morris is a rock star. And a pro skier. And a genuinely awesome human. He’s got a rare mix of talent under his hood. He can make pastures of people boogie. He stomps gargantuan airs on his skis. He travels the world exploring inspiring ski scenes during the day and playing music all night. 

Listen in as he weaves connections between his musical and skiing flow states, finding instinctual energies in music and mountains, unearthing moments of total clarity on skis and stages and being a good ambassador of life. 


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[2:00] Growing up outside Idaho Springs, going skiing with schoolmates at Loveland
[3:30] Skiing out of a helicopter at age 13 in Alaska
[4:30] Attending Western State and getting pulled into the Crested Butte ski scene
[6:10] The “wild card guy” at extreme ski competitions
[9:10] Pushing his limits with big air
[11:00] Getting his first guitar and the transformative sounds of Tony Rice
[16:30] The intersection of music and skiing
[19:00] Taking care to set everything up for success 
[19:30] Letting go and letting skills take over
[21:40] Patience and letting go
[22:00] Becoming part of the sound
[23:00] Connecting with magic spots in music
[24:10] Don’t be fooled. Expertise takes a massive amount of time
[27:20] Breaking out of ruts in skiing and ruts in music
[29:50] Trail running, footwork and flow
[31:40] Meditative state while trail running
[33:20] Finding total clarity on a trail 
[38:20] Combining music and skiing 
[39:00] Being a good ambassador of life


Mark Morris's website


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