Custom graphics makes your ski topsheet an infinite canvas for self-expression. While some people see this as an immense opportunity for creativity, others find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start.

This is the first of 5 articles helping you hone in on places, avenues, and ideas to find and kick-start your creativity.  

Part 1: Vector Art 

What is it? 

Vector graphics are drawings, illustrations, shapes, or patterns made on a computer that are inherently resizeable and editable. 

Why We Love Vector Art: 

Because the shapes, lines, and colors are “mathematically” drawn on a computer, vector art can be made larger, smaller, and/or easily manipulated to have your favorite colors or additions. We love working with vector art because our graphics team can resize them to fit your skis with no back-and-forth about whether they’re high enough resolution or have gotten blurry.  

Using vector art also makes it easy to add or take away elements from a design. If you want to add a bird to your mountain scene—or make an aspen tree a pine—vector art allows those changes in a few clicks of the mouse. 

How to Source Vector Art:

Most stock sites have options to select vector art, and our designers are good at “building” vector scenes. When looking for vector art, focus less on the color or sizing of the art, but rather the subject, shapes, and flow; then let your Wagner Custom Graphics Designer know how you’d like them to manipulate the art. 

Some of Our Designers’ Favorite Vector Art examples: 

grateful dead ski design with steal your face

scandalous drawing of lady on custom ski topsheets

dr seuss custom designed ski topsheets

Apres Ski art on a custom ski topsheet

Overall Design tips: 

  1. K.I.S.S (Keep it simple skiers!) This is self explanatory. Simple, pointed designs almost always turn out better than complex, busy designs. 

  2. Remember the shape! Wagner’s Graphic Guru Heather Baltzley always says “I can tell you a thousand ways to lay art onto a popsicle stick” and she’s not kidding. Skis are long and skinny with a middle portion that is covered when being used. That means vertical image or sideways panoramas work well. 

  3. Don’t be afraid to be abstract. People generally see skis from at least 5 feet away, which is a great opportunity to be abstract with your designs. Some of our favorite skis are color blocked skis with texture. 

    colorful textured custom ski topsheet graphic

    For inspiration or to start on your design, click here.


    Article by Tatiana Armstrong

    Tatiana Armstrong is an in-house graphic designer at Wagner Custom Skis. She has been a sucker for skiing since she was in the womb, and will do whatever it takes to get some untracked turns.