Our Employees: Eric Mularz

by Wagner Skis / Sep 08, 2021

With classic New England dryness, you won't get a perfectly straight answer from Eric Mularz – but you won't be able to tell, either.

"Who Am I? Free thinker? Degenerate? Snow skier.

Growing up free skiing/racing in New England and Europe I found that embracing gravity drove my perspective. I have had many 'survival' jobs so I could ski, even living in my VW bus, nor numerous frostbites on my feet have become a deterrent. Laid off after 9/11 I started chasing snow; 18 winters later I am still tuning skis."

Eric Mularz, master tunah at Wagner Custom skis
Eric Mularz, "Master Tunah" at Wagner Custom Skis

What type of conditions do you love?

Depends on the day/week, there is something to be said for all conditions, be it; green circle meadow skipping out the gate when the the avy danger is high; slushy inbounds bumps in the spring; storm skiing for free refills of cold smoke; carving trenches on fresh 'roy; skinny skiing with the dogs; hell, even a little ice to remind one to how to set an edge.

What do you do?

I finish the snow skiing skis from press block to wax.

Eric in the zone, doing what he does best.

What makes your job great?

Snow skiing breaks to test the snow skis, oh and working with snow skis, it's normal to me.

How long have you been skiing?

45 winters prior, my life started going downhill on perhaps a 20 vertical foot slope in a New England backyard.

Describe your skis. 

106 underfoot, very low camber with long tip and tail rise, medium to stiff flex. All mountain, its been a daily driver for me for a decade plus, good in all conditions. Metal wood construction, with my topsheet something I made up in my head. Its an ode to the daffy and colored orange so I can find it during a powder cycle if I throw a shoe. 


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