Our Employees: Herb Manning, Ski Jedi Master

by Wagner Skis / Jun 03, 2021

Here at Wagner Custom Skis we employ the highest quality ski-bums, powder-hounds, shop-dogs, skiers, and snowboarders.

Each is as passionate about creating awesome shred-sticks as they are about getting out and playing on them.

Here we introduce Herb "Danger" Manning, our Mounting Man and Ski Shape Designer and overall Ski Jedi Master

What conditions or terrain do you love to ski or snowboard?

I like to ski stuff that doesn't look skiable. And powder.

Herb Manning busts through some powder on his Wagner Custom Skis
Herb Manning is the skier in a bunch of our most iconic images.

What do you do at the Wagner factory?

I am the head of the entire mounting department. I also do customer ski design.

What makes your job fun/rewarding?

I get to fondle high end ski gear and interact with passionate skiers on a daily basis.

How long have you been skiing?

I've been skiing 35 years.

What are your dimensions?

178cm length, 120mm waist.

What were your skis made for?

These skis are designed specifically for the "Lower Bear Creek" area which is adjacent to the Telluride Ski Resort. It contains really tight trees, consistently steep 2,000ft. pitches, committing pillow lines, and avalanche chutes.

Herb Manning smiles at the camera.
Herb Manning on the slopes in Telluride.

Why do you love your skis?

I love my skis because they were designed to float, be quick in tight spots and narrow chutes, and pop powder pillows. They allow me to move through the snowy forest faster than I ever thought possible.

What is the material makeup of your skis?

Lightweight core, shorter length, generous rocker, wide platform, no metal laminate, impact resistant package.

What is your graphic? Why did you choose it?

My graphic is simply three letters. 'L-B-C.'

What else should people know about you?

I saved Pete Wagner's life. Twice.


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