by Wagner Skis / Oct 31, 2017

Skier DNA

The ski design process at Wagner Custom takes everyone through a series of the same initial steps during your call with a designer. What’s distinctive is that we handcraft a ski that is uniquely optimized for an individual skier each time. It all starts with the Skier DNA fitting process, a series of basic questions about you as a skier.  

The Skier DNA takes under five minutes and allows us to initiate the conversation around what ski is right for you. Then we'll go in-depth into your skiing background and current ski needs. The info extracted from your Skier DNA and design consultation then gets run through our design algorithm, the software that outputs your perfect design.

Each ski design we produce is optimized for the individual skier and has a custom length, width, sidecut, tip and tail shapes, camber, rocker, materials makeup, and graphics. Skis that fit you properly will make skiing easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable by improving your balance and control over the ski. This translates to better power and efficiency on snow.

If you want to ski better, a pair of custom skis are right for you. Schedule a call now. 

The next step in our process once you have signed off on your ski design is choosing a graphic for your topsheet. Take look at some design inspiration here.


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