by Wagner Skis / Oct 27, 2017


The wood core is the foundation of every ski that we build.



The wood core is the center of the ski, and when combined with appropriate structural materials, gives the ski the right feel. We work with a number of different wood cores, from light and nimble to heavy and robust. You can review all our wood core options here.

As you can imagine, skis used for various types of skiing will have different material makeups, and it all starts with the core. Light woods are often used for powder and touring skis. Heavier woods are used to make skis feel smoother, more stable and powerful.

At our factory, wood cores are cut out by our Computer Numerical Controlled Milling Machines (CNC). Large pieces of wood go onto the vacuum table and our design software codes each core to be cut. These machines cut the wood cores three-dimensionally. The perimeter of the ski is cut out as well as the thickness profile.

The right wood core combined with the correct structural materials allows the ski to feel just right in your preferred terrain. At Wagner, we have about 100 different combinations of materials that we can choose from. Designing custom skis allows us to create a ski that will deliver the best performance for you on snow. Ready to get started? Start with your Skier DNA here.

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