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Next Level Skiing Podcast

All about your skiing.

Next Level Skiing is a podcast about skiing. Your skiing. Longtime ski journalist Jason Blevins talks to the sport’s luminaries and behind-the-scenes bosses about strategies and hacks for stepping your skiing up a notch. Sure, the key to getting better at skiing is to go skiing. A lot. If it was only that easy. This podcast will offer some shortcuts to becoming the skier you want to be, without having to quit your job and move to a ski town. Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts by searching for “Next Level Skiing.”

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You Got This

Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson, a pioneer in women’s big-mountain skiing, shares some of her mental strategies she deploys before shredding high-consequence lines in the big hills.

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You Can’t Fake It Anymore

Jake Hutchinson

Avalanche safety instructor and renowned trainer Jake Hutchinson shares how to hone power, strength, balance and endurance to take your skiing up a notch.

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Chris Steiner

Chris Steiner has the secret algorithm for chasing snow. The Chicago dad with a full-time writing gig can sniff out a powder day like no other.

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You Gotta Pay Your Dues

Tommy Moe

Tommy Moe was 16 when he started chasing his heroes on snow, a pursuit that has made him one of America’s most decorated Olympic ski racers.

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Building From The Feet Up

Jim Lindsay

Jim Lindsay, a boot-fitting maestro in Aspen, has spent the better part of his life changing the lives of skiers with better-fitting boots.

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Get Something Out Of Every Day

Dr. Tom Hackett

Dr. Tom Hackett is a former ski patroller turned world-renowned orthopedic surgeon. But he really doesn’t want to see you in his surgical suite.

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It’s Easier To Ski Than It Is To Walk

Klaus Obermeyer

Klaus Obermeyer has seen it all in skiing. The 98-year-old legend still skis regularly and has the secret to longevity on snow.

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Speaking The Language Of The Mountains

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport is our apostle of skiing, spreading his fiery passion for a floating turn across the hills.

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