The best skis for Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Your guides ski Wagners, so should you

We handcraft our skis with the finest materials on the planet, which means when you’re skiing the legendary steep and deep in AK, these skis are 100% there for you. Wide and floaty–yet with enough backbone to handle anything that comes in your path–Wagner Customs are built for skiing in the wild.

Mike Rheam, owner and guide for Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Mike Rheam | Co-Owner and Guide

Wes Wylie, guide for Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Wes Wylie | Guide

Mike Overcast, owner of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Mike Overcast | Co-owner and Guide

Hugh Barnard, Lead Guide at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Hugh Barnard | Head Guide

John Hunt, guide at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

John Hunt | Guide

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A Wagner Custom Skis designer on the phone with a client

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• A 30-min, one-on-one consultation with a ski designer gets you fast-tracked.

• We walk you through the design process and get back to you with your specific ski design to approve.

Pete Wagner works on a ski design on a computer.

Option 2: Learn More

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• When you are ready to build your skis, simply schedule your call and we'll take it from there.

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From the Gallery

Tordrillo guides dig avalanche pits to test for stability.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge under a sky full of the Northern Lights

A Wagner Custom Skis employee builds skis at the factory.

A Wagner Custom Skis employee checks a pair of custom wood veneer skis.

A skier skis deep snow at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

A chef prepares dinner at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Wagner Custom Skis employees work on a pair of skis.

A skier in front of big mountains at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

A Wagner Custom Skis employee presses a pair of skis at the factory.

The living room at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

What the TML crew says about us

If you talk to anyone who knows me they will tell you that I am a big stickler for quality gear. For the last several seasons my Wagners are built to deal with any type of conditions, from blower pow to breakable wind board. Their quality and craftsmanship excels in all conditions like no other ski I have used in over 30 years of guiding around the world. If you are seriously looking for that perfect ski, look no further than Wagner. You won’t be disappointed!

Wes Wiley, guide at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
Wes Wylie | Guide

I’ve had worse assignments: pair up with Pete Wagner to design and test the ideal ski for conditions in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains …! We needed something wide enough to handle the depth of snow, with enough heft to perform at speed and enough in the tail to manage a guide’s backpack … but above all to be fun to ski on. From the first time we put clients on the ski the feedback was enthusiastic – so much so that we have added sizes all through our client range, scaled down to a 160cm ski for the light and little.

Hugh Barnard, Lead Guide at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
Hugh Barnard | Lead Guide

My Wagner skis are the greatest tools you can ever imagine for making big, fast, super G turns in the deep snow of Alaska and Utah! Thank you to the Wagner team for making a ski like this that not only performs like a highly tuned sports car, but reminds me every run how great life is when you’re in the mountains with people you love.

A TML client in deep snow.
Mark Carr | TML Client