NEXT LEVEL SKIING S1: E8 | Language Of The Mountains – Chris Davenport

by Wagner Skis / Nov 08, 2018

Season 1, Episode 8: Chris Davenport – Speaking the Language of the Mountains

Chris Davenport is our apostle of skiing, spreading his fiery passion for a floating turn across the hills. On this episode of Next Level Skiing, the lifelong student of skiing shares how learning the basics, grabbing the bull by the horns, opening all your senses and speaking out on the threat of climate change can help skiers better relish that elusive slarve.

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Topics & Times

[02:02] Chris grew up skiing on a small mountain.
[02:10] His grandfather was an avid skier and was involved in the founding of New Hampshire’s Cranmore Mountain Resort.
[02:24] His father was also a ski racer at the University of Denver.
[03:26] Chris was a racer at the University of Colorado.
[03:56] Ultimately, he enjoyed free skiing more than racing.
[04:50] A certain racing event turned the tide for Chris, and he decided he wanted to pursue skiing professionally.
[05:20] A friend convinced him to compete in the race in Crested Butte.
[07:13] That summer, he traveled to Las Leñas, where he learned from big-mountain pioneer Doug Coombs.
[08:33] Chris is heading down to Chile to run his 18th ski clinic.
[10:15] Clinic attendees often have trepidation because they are working with professional skiers.
[10:50] Chris discusses staying open to new experiences and continuing to improve his skills as a skier.
[13:10] Each clinic client has his or her own needs, so the clinic focuses on improving the individual without a set script or schedule.
[13:44] One of Chris’ camp attendees went on to win the Freeride World Tour.
[15:40] Teaching people to grab the bull by the horns comes with its challenges.
[21:17] Different types of terrain must be factored in when training people to be better skiers.
[23:15] What it means to pay your dues as a skier.
[23:30] How to master the “language of the mountains.”
[28:32] The importance of combating global warming.
[30:40] Chris’ work with Protect our Winters and why other skiers should get involved.
[32:40] What people can do to be more “green.”
[34:40] Finding his tribe in Crested Butte at the Extreme Skiing Championships.
[35:34] How POW is focused on the upcoming midterm elections.
[36:53] Chris’ favorite motivational saying is “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
[37:12] He thinks younger people have goals, but don’t have actual plans of action.
[38:00] He also likes the phrase “knees to skis.” It’s a great reminder about form and keeps him aligned on the mountain.


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