NEXT LEVEL SKIING S1: E2 | You Can’t Fake It Anymore – Jake Hutchinson

by Wagner Skis / Nov 28, 2018

Season 1, Episode 2: Jake Hutchinson – You Can’t Fake It Anymore

On episode 2 of Next Level Skiing we catch up with certified badass Jake Hutchinson. The son of a ski patroller, Hutchinson is a Marine, an avalanche safety instructor, a survival course instructor, and a renowned trainer. He shares techniques to hone power, strength, balance, and endurance to take your skiing up a notch. He also covers beta on how to injury-proof your body, the importance of self-assessment, and how to stay safe and strong in avalanche terrain. If you want to be a stronger skier this season, this episode is not to be missed.

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Topics & Times

[03:20] Injury-proofing your body.
[07:40] 50% of the injuries he has witnessed were a result of people being tired.
[10:38] If you have a weak core, it doesn’t matter what’s going on with the rest of your body.
[12:05] Jake forces himself to trail run several times per week
[12:25] Jake believes trail running is great training for skiers.
[14:47] He is a huge proponent of cross-training.
[21:55] The importance of exercising your hip flexors.
[24:34] Learn to master kick-turns on easy terrain.
[25:35] How to make sure your weight is distributed properly.
[27:00] The importance of self-awareness and self-assessment when it comes to avoiding injury and learning new skills.
[30:30] Ego and testosterone is a consistent problem on the mountain; it prevents people from being honest with themselves about their abilities.
[33:55] Jake finds that the T-bar helps weed out the strong skiers from the weak
[34:35] The installation of high-speed lifts has contributed to people overestimating their abilities and leading to weaker skiers putting themselves in danger.
[37:20] Pole plants help point you in the right direction and remain vital to form.


Gym Jones Website
American Avalanche Institute
Human Factors
Know Before You Go

The exercises Hutchinson refers to in this episode

Posterior Chain Work
Also related – Hip Hinge
Core Training
Intervals and Cardio Training
Hip Mobility
Psoas Stretches

Some skinning tips

Steep Skinning
Taking Skins Off
Putting On Skins
Kick Turns

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