S1, E5: Building From The Feet Up – Jim Lindsay


Jim Lindsay is a master bootfitter in Aspen, Colorado. He works at BootTech creating custom boots for skiers. Our advice? Spend some time with your bootfitter. Really. Carve out the afternoon and drop the coin. A good bootfitter, like Lindsay, can change your ski life. In this episode of Next Level Skiing, Lindsay shares how and why a session with a bootfitter can make you a better, happier and stronger skier. Tune in to hear us talk about the importance of a perfect fit, Jim’s interest in orthotics and biomechanics, and the difference a properly fit boot can make.

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Topics & Times:

[02:04] Jim believes that while most people are familiar with the idea that you can change a ski’s performance by changing its angle, they think that if a boot fits comfortably, there is nothing else to consider.

[02:33] Jim says it’s all about adapting the boot to fit your unique anatomy.

[04:50] Jim grew up skiing in Wisconsin, then went to a ski academy in Vermont for High School.

[05:10] Once he realized what he wanted to do, he attended school to learn about orthotics, orthopedics, and biomechanics of the lower extremity.

[05:30] Even though he works at the bottom of a major mountain, he doesn’t get to ski every day of the season.

[05:53] Throughout the ‘80s he did boot fittings at Aspen Highlands. Then he did speciality orthotics in Aspen under the Gondola, as well as at a shop at Snowmass.

[06:35] Once Jim fit someone in a boot, it would improve their skiing significantly.

[07:02] The simple act of changing someone’s stance can greatly improve their abilities.

[07:45] In the ‘80s, boot fitting was primarily focused on comfort.

[12:40] Jim explains his method to fitting different types of boots, and what you can do to improve your fit, based on your needs.

[16:00] Jim fits Jason into a boot and discusses the consequences of an ill-fitting boot.

[19:00] Jim’s ski philosophy and how it relates to boot fitting.

[19:50] It’s important to talk to your bootfitter and communicate your needs.

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