NEXT LEVEL SKIING S1: E6 | Get Something Out Of Every Day - Tom Hackett

by Wagner Skis / Nov 19, 2018

Season 1, Episode 6: Tom Hackett – Get Something Out of Every Day

On this episode of Next Level Skiing we get to chat with Dr. Tom Hackett, a ski patroller turned world-renowned orthopedic surgeon. Despite his vocation, he really doesn’t want to see you in his surgical suite. Dr. Hackett’s research into the biomechanics of skiing and snowboarding helps prevent the injuries he’s built a career repairing.During our discussion, we get into the meat of why we hurt ourselves and chat about the group of muscles we must strengthen in order to prevent a serious but common injury. Tune in to hear about Dr. Hackett’s fascinating life, his professional endeavors as an orthopedic surgeon and his enlightening advice for skiers.

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Topics & Times

[2:50] Tom loves to operate, but he is more interested in what we can do to prevent injuries.
[03:15] He was on the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol in the late ‘80s through the early ‘90s.
[05:24] With more extreme tricks comes greater risk for injury.
[08:20] The Japanese Ski Team has a safety device that isn’t available to other athletes from different nations.
[10:29] Right now, Tom is focusing on the hip.
[10:44] Certain hip abductors are key to protecting the knee.[11:05] To protect your knee, you need to strengthen your hip.
[11:20] Beginner snowboarders almost always hurt their wrists, whereas experts always have knee injuries.
[14:54] Working your hips and glutes is key to protecting your knees from injury. Skiers can do specific exercises to strengthen hip muscles.
[17:20] Tom likes to tell young, enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders to slow down and be conscious of potential risk.
[20:36] Tom often sees people whose skis didn’t release, but rarely sees injuries in people whose skis release easily.
[24:00] Tom discusses the allure and risks of terrain parks.
[24:38] Tom has found that the severity of injuries is inversely proportional to snowfall.


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