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by Wagner Skis / Nov 16, 2023

“Wagner Custom is a small US ski factory that helps people find their mountain mastery through its unbelievably sweet, custom-fit, tailor-made skis.”
– SNOW Magazine

Give the best gift in the world to the skier in your life: a pair of Wagner Custom Skis. Each ski we precision-craft is dedicated to an individual skier’s profile. This is made possible by our fitting system which identifies a person’s unique Skier DNA. Each pair of skis we build are designed to improve that skier’s balance, control, and efficiency on snow, and adding custom graphics makes your gift truly memorable and unique. Ultimately, our skis make skiing easier and more fun—what gift could be better than that?

A selection of Wagner Custom skis with bows
Whatever you choose, the gift of custom skis will always be a win.

When you decide that Wagner Custom Skis are the perfect gift, we will send you a gift packet including a personalized letter for your gift recipient. This packet provides all the information your lucky recipient will need to get started (and, of course, we are here if there are any questions along the way). Get started on your gift giving here

If you want your loved one to receive their new Wagner Skis by a specific date, a little planning ahead needs to happen: our process typically takes three weeks from final graphic approval to delivery. When you order, let us know your date upfront and we will do our best to meet your needs. We can accommodate ski orders from across the world and ship skis wherever they may need to go.

The gift packet that your loved one receives when you buy them custom skis.
If you choose to give a gift packet, your skier can make all their own decisions regarding their skis.

(Looking for something a little LESS custom than full custom skis – but MORE custom than just an off-the-shelf ski? Check out our Factory Skis. Designed using our favorite constructions, you or your loved one can choose the stiffness, topsheet, upgrade the bases, and get them in less time. Gift packets for Factory Skis are also possible.)

Ready to start the ordering process or want to learn more? Give us a call at 970.728.0107 and we can talk you through the process and get you set up. We can even send the gift packet to you, or directly to your gift recipient. Start gifting here.


“There is a real sense of pride at Wagner Custom, and for good reason: the company is making skis that truly improve performance on the mountain.”
-Outside Magazine

A pair of Wagner Custom Skis is not only truly unique, matched to fit a skier’s needs, but our skis are made by the world’s best master craftsmen. We make one pair of skis at a time using only the finest components and materials. This translates to better performance on the slopes. Your custom skis will give you better control and comfort in challenging terrain and take stress off your body to improve your endurance. What that really boils down to? More fun.

Dreaming about new skis?

Our Process

Custom skis start with a short phone call with a ski designer. During this call, you'll go over your Skier DNA—a short survey that covers the basics of your ski needs: where you ski, what you like to ski, and what best suits your physiology. After we talk through the Skier DNA, your designer will dig deeper into your skiing and ski preferences. From there, we send you a custom ski design recommendation based on everything we have learned about you. Once your unique ski design is approved, you can choose your topsheet design and your skis will move into production.

Want to learn more?

• Learn all about what makes a ski a ski in our Buyer's Guide.
• Read through testimonials from our past clients and news publications.
• Find out more about custom skis.
• View our topsheet design gallery.
• Get started on your own unique ski design.

--Start your dream skis now. Schedule a Call.



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