by Wagner Skis / Oct 24, 2017

Ski Base Materials

The base material on a ski is incredibly important because that’s the part of the ski, along with the steel edge, that makes contact with the snow. Together, they determine the ski’s speed potential and durability.



 We work with three types of ski base materials:

  1. Standard Material (P-Tex)
  2. Super Durable Base: holds up well to rocks and obstacles
  3. World Cup Base: high graphite content for high-speed glide
Based on your unique Skier DNA, we’ll recommend an appropriate base material for your skiing profile.

Steel Edges

Steel edges form the interface with the snow or ice when you turn. A thicker edge is more durable and will hold up better if you hit rocks or trees. A thinner edge may glide faster, but is more vulnerable to bending or breaking if you hit obstacles while skiing. And a thicker edge can be filed or ground (for ski tuning) many years longer than a thin edge. At the Wagner factory, we prefer to use a thick steel edge combined with a thick base, for longevity and durability. Our skis hold up to abuse when you encounter bony terrain and will simply live longer than most skis out there. Want to learn more about our process? Take a look at other parts of our factory tour here: