Wagner Factory Tour: Mounting and Bindings

by Wagner Skis / Oct 04, 2017

Part of our ski design process is determining precisely where you should stand on your skis, relative to the camber and waist of the ski. Based on your weight, strength and intended mission, we’ll recommend a specific binding – or use the binding you prefer.


With many of the skis we mount, we use what are called “quiver killers.” These are threaded stainless-steel inserts that accept machine screws, and double the strength of the ski-to-binding bond. The inserts are called quiver killers because they allow you to unscrew the bindings at any time and drop on another binding – for instance, you could swap a touring binding in for an alpine binding. By using one pair of skis for both applications, you reduce your quiver by one pair.

Most people send us their ski boots, so we can mount their bindings and torque test them right here in the Wagner factory. This eliminates you from having to take a trip to a local ski shop for function testing. Thus, when you receive your skis and boots, you can immediately head out skiing.

You can pick up your skis at our ski factory in Telluride, Colorado. We can also deliver your skis to you anywhere in the world.

Our goal at Wagner Custom is to make things 100% perfect. Once you receive your skis, you should ski them with an open mind for the first day or two as our skis have a short break-in period. Energy is released from the resins and wood cores as the skis are first flexed. After a day or two, the break-in will be finished, and the true personality of the skis will shine. We have a full guarantee on our skis — if you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will rebuild the skis or give you your money back.

Ready to get started on your perfect-fit skis? Start by filling out your Skier DNA here.

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