Wagner Factory Tour: Structural Materials

by Wagner Skis / Oct 18, 2017

Every ski that we build has a wood core at the heart of the ski. Above and below that wood core is a structural layer.

The structural layers are what gives the ski its longitudinal (tip to tail) stiffness and they also contribute to the torsional stiffness (ski’s resistance to twisting) of the ski. Examples of structural materials that we use for our custom skis include titanal (aluminum alloy), fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar.

For a powerful, smooth and stable ski, we’ll often use titanal, a heavier material that makes for a torsionally stiff structure. For a lightweight ski meant for touring or ski mountaineering, we’ll use carbon fiber. For a versatile ski, we’ll use fiberglass or a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber, to achieve a medium weight.

The structural material is really important because, in combination with the type of wood core selected, it is going to create the feel of the ski – light and whippy, smooth and stable, firm and powerful, or some combination of those characteristics. We’ll help you choose the appropriate materials based on where you ski and what the typical snow quality is there, your demographic information, and feedback on your past equipment.

Lightweight skiers, skiers coming off of injuries, and people who like a nimble feeling ski will prefer the lightweight materials. Skiers who prefer a smooth stable feel, with more power and precision and the ability to handle wet and choppy snow, will gravitate towards our heavier materials.

When you go through our Skier DNA process, figuring out your structural layers is of prime importance. We want to ensure that your ski will have the right feel when you get it on snow, thus making skiing easier and more enjoyable. Start the custom ski journey by scheduling a call now.

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