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How It Works



Skier DNA fitting process

We want you to be a great skier, so we’ve developed a unique set of tools to accomplish that. The first tool is the Skier DNA fitting process — a ski design system unlike anything else in the ski business. Together, you and our expert staff will use it to create the second tool: a pair of brilliant skis, tailored to your own strength, skill and skiing goals.

Whether you know a lot or very little about ski design, using the Skier DNA process we will guide you to the perfect blend of shape, materials, flex and power. The result? You’ll ski comfortably in a wide range of snow conditions, all over the mountain. You’ll ski with more confidence and control, with less fatigue, and spend more time on the slopes.



Spend a few minutes filling out our Skier DNA questionnaire, and half an hour on the phone or Skype with one of our expert staff. It’s certainly a better use of your time than interrupting your ski vacation to visit ski shops to demo skis, most of which you won’t be thrilled with (who wants to waste skiing time on unsuitable equipment?).

Our experts design skis all day, all year long, and can quickly guide you to just the right combination of parameters. The consultation takes us a step beyond the questionnaire, giving us a more intimate look at your skiing requirements, and giving you real input into your optimal combination of shape, camber, rocker, flex, and materials.



After your design consultation, we’ll send you a full ski design recommendation for approval. This includes technical specs of the skis, a description of the feel and performance of the skis, and a ski shape drawing. We’ll also send you an itemized invoice so you can review the pricing of your unique ski design.

If you like what you see, you can make payment to begin work. Prices start at $1750. When you’ve signed off on the design, your project moves into the factory.



Wagner’s design-and-build process blends 21st century technology with old-world craftsmanship. Using a computer-controlled milling machine:

  • We’ll carve your matched cores from the selected grade of laminated hardwood, chosen for the right feel and performance
  • We’ll custom bend your double-thick steel edges, chosen for durable service through many annual cycles of tuning.
  • We’ll CNC the base material, selected by you for optimum durability and glide speed.
  • We’ll shape the structural layers – fiberglass, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber or elastomeric damping fiber – chosen for your terrain and skier preferences.

The CNC machine yields parts that fit together with precision unequalled in the ski business – precision akin to what is achieved in building high performance engines. When the parts arrive at the layup bench, this accuracy allows your ski builder to fit the parts together with a precision not possible in a mass-production ski factory. There are no voids in a Wagner ski, filled only with resin overflow – this is one of the secrets to Wagner’s legendary durability.

We’ll press your boards, clean and tune them to World Cup standard, and mount up the bindings of your choice. You can track the manufacturing process and your skis will be snow ready, so you can drop them onto the snow and step aboard — for the ride of your life.


Ski them hard

The process typically takes three weeks from design consultation through production. When you get your Wagner Custom Skis, ride them hard!

Wagner offers a 100 percent replace-or-refund guarantee. So there’s no risk. If you don’t love the way your new skis feel on the snow – if your ski experience doesn’t improve – we’ll make it right, with a complete rebuild or refund.

And our job isn’t done when your skis are delivered, because we offer a full menu of custom tune, repair and refurbish services to keep your skis in top-performance condition for years to come.

There’s no risk in filling out the Skier DNA form. Do it now!

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Wagner Custom Skis
start at $1,750



Carbon Fiber Torsion Box — $200

Benefits: Lightweight feel with great torsional stability. Ideal for wide skis.

Titanal — $200

(aluminum alloy structural layers)
Benefits: Smooth and stable tracking on hard snow, unsurpassed glide speed and exceptional crud busting performance. If you like the feel of metal skis, this option is for you.

Calibrated Visco Carbon — $350

(Visco-elastically dampened carbon fiber construction)
Benefits: Get the buttery smooth tracking of metal with the super light weight of carbon fiber.


Super Durable Base — $150

(DuraJet extra-durable high-carbon base)
Benefits: Less base damage from rocks, trees, boxes and rails.

World Cup Base — $150

(Ptex 4000 Electra high-carbon base)
Benefits: Faster speed, less deceleration, fewer recoveries in wet and heavy snow, better glide when skating and traversing.


Custom Graphics or Hand Finished Wood Veneers — $300

Benefits: Stand out on the slopes or in the lodge and give everyone else something to talk about.


Impact Resistance Package — $150

(Aramid reinforcement of sidewalls, edges, and bases)
Benefits: Greatly improved resistance to core shots, compressed edges, and blown sidewalls. Smart choice for people who are tough on their gear.

Which upgrades are right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the skis you create for me?

We guarantee that you’ll 100% love your Wagner Custom skis. Buy them, ski them hard, and evaluate them. If you don’t like your skis, just let us know and we’ll make it right by building you a new set or returning your money. There’s zero risk of getting stuck with a set of skis from us that you don’t absolutely love.

Why would I buy skis I've never tried?

Wagner Custom offers a smarter way to purchase skis. We map your Skier DNA and then build your optimal skis that allow you to reach your absolute highest potential. You’ll know you’re on your ideal equipment and spend your time in the mountains having fun skiing rather than demoing and evaluating skis.

When should I expect to receive my skis?

It typically takes 3 weeks. Have a trip coming up or need then sooner? Email (info@wagnerskis.com) or call us at 970.728.0107 to see if we can fast track them for you.

How much do your skis cost?

Our custom skis start at $1750.00. We’ll give you the exact price of your skis during your design consultation. If you haven’t already done so, please schedule a design appointment or give us a call at (970) 728-0107 and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Do I need to visit Telluride to get fitted?

Nope. We create and ship skis all over the world. Get started by completing the Skier DNA questionnaire or call us at 970.728.0107. We do recommend that you use your skis as a reason to visit us in Telluride and test drive your new skis!