Past Artist Series: Sarah Kinn

by Wagner Skis / Feb 13, 2020

(Although you can no longer buy Sarah's ski graphics directly, we can get in touch with her to see if she can give one-off permission for her archived pieces. Please contact us for more details.)

Sarah was born in Ohio in 1971 and has lived in Boulder for past 20 years. She has a dog walking business to support herself and her art. With the dogs, she is outside everyday in nature and the compositions of her paintings are influenced by Colorado’s mountains and landscapes. She is also into textiles and colors from India, Morocco, Indonesia and Japan – places she has visited or wanted to travel to.

She began this year of painting attempting to break out of old patterns and re-examining assumptions about her beliefs, habits and work. Her hope was to express herself even more genuinely. Sarah has labeled herself as a colorist, she loves knowing the subtleties of mixing paint and putting colors next to each other on a canvas feel unrelated but somehow work.

Sarah has exhibited her work in many Boulder and regional galleries, a New York gallery and the Denver Art Museum (in the textile department). Her artwork has been purchased by many private collectors and several public collections, including Children’s Hospital and Keys Commercial. She have a degree in Art History from Miami University.

Ski Designs





Artist Interview

Wagner: Tell us a little about you.
Sarah Kinn: I have a small dog walking (yorkies, pugs, etc) business to support myself as an artist.

Wagner: What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
Sarah: A colorist.

Wagner: Where can people typically find your art?
Sarah: Around boulder, sometimes Denver, and open studios (an event in boulder every October).

Wagner: If you wanted a reader to know one thing about your art, what would it be?
Sarah: It is harder than it looks to paint.

Wagner: What is your favorite piece or work of art?
Sarah: Nate Lowman’s “Lonely Hearts Club”

Wagner: Are you a skier?
Sarah: I cross country ski.

You can view more of Sarah’s art on her website here or via her Instagram page here. Don’t forget to checkout Sarah’s work in our gallery along with all the other Boulder Creative artists here.