Your favorite ski resort has opened, your winter vacation is (sort-of) planned, what else is there to do? Time to lock in those custom skis you’ve been eyeing and start really enjoying skiing.



This week, we’re giving you a little something extra in celebration of ski season. For orders placed between now and Monday, November 29, we’re adding on free ground shipping to all US locations. For international and air shipments, we will apply a credit of $100. Hurry, this shipping special ends at noon ET on Monday, November 29.


Ready to pull the trigger?

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Wagner Custom Skis are designed and precision-crafted to enhance your skiing experience. Our uniquely tailored combination of ski materials, profile, and flex is determined by your individual Skier DNA and will allow skiing to be more fun. Our custom skis also make a great gift (especially for the person in your life who has everything)! You can check out our gift packages here.

You can also fast track your skis by paying a deposit or picking a standard ski package.


Not sure what you’re looking for in a pair of skis this winter?

Let us help you find what to look for:



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