Traffic Artist Collection: Wendy Plovmand


Wendy Plovmand grew up on the coast of northern Denmark, where she met her mentor, the artist Lin Utzon, who helped her explore the creative passion that has driven her since she could first hold a paintbrush. Her courage in pursuing her art has led her to where she is today, working as a professional artist in high demand internationally. Recently, she collaborated with Traffic NYC and Wagner Custom Skis to create a one-of-a-kind collection of designer skis. Below is the collection, along with Plovmand’s thoughts on it.






Wagner: What is your approach to the artistic process?

Plovmand: The ultimate project for me is a large scale art commission. I love working on projects with different layers and facets, to explore different approaches within a single project–such as in this ski collection. I’m trained as a visual artist, an illustrator, and a creative director, so I’m always curious about work that spans across different fields of art. I work through a multimedia approach, always beginning with a central idea or question, then deciding which materials would be most suitable for telling the specific story that’s on my mind. I’m always excited when I find new materials to test!

Wagner: Where can people find your art?

Plovmand: I regularly exhibit my work around the world, and I’ve had shows in Copenhagen, London, Manchester, NYC, and Tokyo. My work has been included in a lot of publications too, from Taschen to Gestalten to Laurence King to Victionary.

Wagner: What’s your favorite work of art?

Plovmand: Of my own pieces? That would be the five pieces for Wagner skis, for sure. It’s some of my most recent work, and I’m still obsessed with the idea of merging art and fashion.

Wagner: What is it like to see your art on skis?

Plovmand: It’s super cool! It’s motivating me to improve my own skiing skills, just so I can use the skis I designed!

Wagner: Do you have a favorite from the five pairs we put together?

Plovmand: I think they will all look amazing against the white powder snow, but IntheFlowofThings Lotus would probably be the first pair I’d use, as I love all sorts of pink.

Wagner: Are you a skier?

Plovmand: I’ve only tried skiing few times. One time I actually won a medal for getting into the most dangerous accident on skis! I have been skiing in Italy and Sweden—I preferred Italy as it felt so exotic to ski in the sunshine.

Wagner: If you wanted a reader to know one thing about you, what would it be?

Plovmand: I believe in small moments of harmony, where the universe works together with you.

Wagner: If you wanted a reader to know one thing about your art, what would it be?

Plovmand: I believe that art can have a kind of totemic value.

Wagner: Anything else about you or your art that we should know?

Plovmand: All five artworks in this collection are inspired by the digitally-driven world we now live in; how the analogue and digital interact, how images constantly change and lend themselves to new stories. It is a sort of digital infinite power—a pure resource of energy and change.

About the artist:

Contemporary Danish artist and illustrator Wendy Plovmand’s vibrant work is celebrated equally in public art spaces and with top international brands including Topshop, Guess, Taschen, Dare and Nylon Magazine. She is the creative vision behind Artiig—the wearable art label that pushes the limits of the art experience out of the gallery and onto the streets. Wendy received an MA in illustration from the Design School of Denmark and an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London.