Next Level Skiing S6, E6 | Reggie Crist is The Stoke Broker

by Wagner Skis / Feb 21, 2024

S6, E6 – Reggie Crist is The Stoke Broker

Reggie Crist is the Stoke Broker
Reggie Crist oversees the snow at Stella Adventure Heliski.

Reggie Crist keeps turning the page on one skiing’s most illustrious careers. A decade on the U.S. Ski Team. Pioneer in the Olympic spot of Ski Cross. One of the first to helicopter skiers into Alaska’s Chugachs. And now a globe-trotting ski guide whose Stellar Adventure brings skiers to Japan, South America, Alaska and the backcountry of Idaho.

Tune in as Reggie tells us where he would take us if we win the lottery and want to spend an entire year crushing powder.


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2:30 - Raised in California and Idaho
3:30 - Earning a PhD in skiing on the U.S. Ski Team
5:10 - Ski Cross and a second ski racing career
6:20 - Ski Cross is more intense than downhill racing Kitzbuhel
7:00 - Stellar Adventure
11:00 - Bringing ski racing technique to the big mountains of Alaska
12:30 - A year in powder
16:49 - Best way to prepare for a month in Alaska
18:30 - Alaska off the couch
22:32 - Catching the Santa Rosa storm in the Andes
26:50 - The rewards of helping people find their best ski day
29:30 - Follow your passion and be a stoke broker


“Oh, [ski cross is] intense. And I mean, it's actually one of the most fun things you could ever do. I mean, the visuals that you get launching off of, you know, a mega jump going 60 miles an hour and you're landing on somebody's tails is like, yeah, it's intense.” - Reggie Crist

“It kind of goes back to the roots of skiing itself, which is everybody always just wants to go have fun with their buddies and beat them to the bottom of the hill.” - Reggie Crist

“Nothing can really get you ready for Alaska. Alaska's its own animal and there's nothing quite like it. But there's also no substitute to just knocking down vertical feet.” - Reggie Crist

“Especially this whole post-COVID era, where people are just realizing like, ‘You know what, maybe I don't want a new car. I actually want an experience. I want to go share the experience. A once-in-a-lifetime experience with my best friend or my wife or my friends and go out there and do something that I've never done before.’” - Reggie Crist

“So I, you know, encourage people to follow your passion and stick with it. And if you stick with it long enough, you're going to get good at it”. - Reggie Crist


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