Next Level Skiing S6, E1 | Just Breathe with Kim Grant

by Wagner Skis / Jan 15, 2024

S6, E1 – Just Breathe with Kim Grant

Kim Grant skins alongside penguins.
Kim Grant skins along a penguin colony in Antarctica.

If you’ve ever crowded into the snowy, frigid lift line at the base of Silverton Mountain in the morning as groups are dividing by skill level, you’ve likely heard requests for Kim Grant. 

“Is Kim working?” “Where’s Kim’s group?” 

The 25-year ski guide who moves between the rowdy San Juans and the Chugachs in Alaska knows how to settle skier jitters like no other. Her relaxed vibe in stout terrain has led countless skiers into their best day ever. She’s got all kinds of strategies for helping skiers find inner strengths and push themselves into  the steepest and deepest. And it all starts with breath. 

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2:43 - College in Georgia, summers in Colorado 
5:14 - Telluride ski patrol to Silverton Mountain 
6:52 - Facets of the San Juans, the most dangerous snowpack  
10:55 - Slow down and take breaths 
11:22 - Shed layers 
13:32 - One turn at a time 
15:52 - Yoga and breathing for focus during the fight-or-flight response 
25:45 - The most amazing tool for centering, focusing on fun 
29:15 - Big changes for Silverton Mountain 
31:30 - Look where you want to go 


Move Silverton
Silverton Mountain
Points North Heli Ski


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