Next Level Skiing S6, E8 | Keep it Fun (And Your Hands Up) with Kim Beekman

by Wagner Skis / Mar 06, 2024

S6, E8 - Keep it Fun (And Your Hands Up) with Kim Beekman

Pretty much everything Kim Beekman does is fun.
Kim Beekman makes everything look fun, including standing at the top of a mountain in ski boots and shorts.

A few years ago Jason Blevins got to join Kim Beekman on a ski trip to the San Juans. They skied at and around Telluride and all over Red Mountain Pass. He don’t think she ever wondered why everyone always wanted to ski those backcountry lines before her. It was because we all wanted to get down and watch her ski. 

Few ski with more grace, ease, and power than Kim. She is a flawless skier. And an incredible writer. As the former editor-in-chief at Skiing and a longtime ski journalist, she has shepherded years of ski reviews, charting the evolution of ski design for decades. She’s raised an amazing daughter who rips and has all sorts of insights into making the most of our time on snow. Tune in and learn from a master.

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3:40 - Growing up chasing her older brother
2:50 - The secret sauce of being a good skier: having a ripping older sibling
3:55 - Honing her writing chops at the Jackson Hole Guide in the 1990s
6:36 - What makes a good ski story?
7:50 - Her new children’s book about Hilaree Nelson
11:10 - The emergence of rocker and shape in skis
18:30 - Her favorite ski designs
21:50 - Raising young rippers and candy bribery.
26:00 - When ski skills spill over into life
30:30 - Hands up!


“I'll never forget ... the first time I skied on a fat ski. It was like probably the most earth-shattering experience I've had in my ski life.” - Kim Beekman

“It's interesting to see some of the skills that have picked up on a mountain that can spill over into, you know, your children's life and their development and their ability to grow and develop. little personalities and things like that.” - Jason Blevins

“I think skiing, especially for girls, can be a really huge source of confidence for them for the rest of their lives.” - Kim Beekman

“You can't steer a ski from the backseat.” - Kim Beekman


Kimberly Beekman


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