Next Level Skiing S6, E2 | Anticipation and Innovation with Dan English

by Wagner Skis / Jan 24, 2024

S6, E2 – Anticipation and Innovation with Dan English

Dan English in the woods
Dan English in his natural setting.

Dan English was making waves in the world of high-tech when he veered into a new career focused on one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Today, the founder, president, and CEO of Colorado-based Voormi has infused the foundational principles of the technology industry into a clothing company that is changing how we think about wool and overhauling stagnant domestic manufacturing.

On this episode of Next Level Skiing, Dan riffs on how the precepts of technological innovation can be applied to textiles and clothing, the best way to layer for an active day on snow, and how Voormi is moving on its mission to change the narrative around our clothing. 

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2:00 - A lifetime in tech in Seattle
7:20 - R&D testing at Wolf Creek ski area
8:50 - Core construction and Voormi’s technology
10:20 - Domestic manufacturing for Voormi doubled in 2023 and will double again in 2024
13:00 - Applying technology rules to textiles and clothing
16:00 - New tech coming from Voormi will reduce the water needed for coloring and dyeing
19:20 - Making clothing adaptive for each user
25:30 - Layering and the right clothing for outdoor adventure in winter




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