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by Wagner Skis / Oct 29, 2017

The custom-ski process gets really fun when it’s time to choose a topsheet graphic. We offer five options: house graphics, Artist Series, James Niehues Collection, small-batch wood veneers, and custom graphics.


Our house topsheet options are updated each autumn. New designs are created by our graphic designers to reflect mountain culture and timeless design. You can view all current house graphics here.

In 2021 we introduced James Niehues to our collection of graphics. His timeless trail maps, as well as his black and white "American Landscapes" make beautiful skis. 

Each year, we feature six artists to feature in our Artist Series. The four graphics that each artist creates for Wagner Custom are only available for two seasons after their release. We've featured globally recognized artists such as Monsieur Z, Andreas Lie, and Adolfo Correa; as well as US artists Roger Mason, Derek DeYoung, and Molly Scannell. We've also been able to feature more home-grown artists such as Danielle DeRoberts, Julia Ion, and Jack Plantz. Each artist receives a commission from the purchase of their graphics.

Our wood veneers are small-batch orders we get in throughout the year. Once they are gone, they are gone forever! This means that your topsheet is a distinctive, limited production item. Wood veneers are thin sheets of real wood that come from all over the world in a spectrum of wood types and colors. They age beautifully and build even more character over time.

Our custom graphic option is where things get fun and creative. Start off with a design concept–perhaps you have a favorite image, artwork or design idea? Tell our graphic designers what you have in mind, and they can put together a few draft options. From there, you can tweak your design, image, or artwork until it is perfect. For inspiration on custom topsheets, click here.

Once you have given final approval on your graphics, we print your design onto transfer paper. This goes into our dye-sublimation press with the nylon topsheet material. Dye-sublimation uses heat to transfer the ink from the paper to the nylon topsheet. When finished, your topsheet goes into the hydraulic press, along with all the structural parts, and forms the top layer of the skis. For more information on this process, check out our Journal article on the topic here.

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